Arts and Culture

Arts and culture is one of  HERZLIA’s four core pillars.

All our schools from playschool to Grade 12 have a creative and educational arts and culture programme, both in the formal and informal arena. At each of our campuses we employ drama, music and art (both design and visual art) teachers. For many years our schools have, on an annual basis, produced showcases, school drama plays, musicals and one-act play festivals.

Our middle and high school vocal ensemble is a professionally run group that performs extensively in both the Jewish and wider community. They are regularly called upon to perform at a variety of events.

Formal education

High School

Drama, design, visual arts and music are all offered as academic electives. Pupils have the option of choosing any of the above subjects as their specialisation.  The school employs five teachers to lead these departments.

The Middle School

All pupils in the Middle school take music, drama and art as part of the Arts and Culture learning area.  The school employs three teachers in this department.

Primary Schools

Our three primary schools offer art, drama and music as part of the regular curriculum and each school employs a full time art teacher and music teacher. Jewish music plays an integral part of the formal primary school curriculum.

Pre Primary Schools

Art, music and drama are fundamental elements to all five of our pre-primary schools, which is why we employ a music and drama teacher who spends time on each campus.


The various informal productions, choirs and exhibitions each play an integral part of our school life at all of our campuses. From a very early age our pupils are learning about the sense of team building and excitement which accompanies these activities, enhancing developing social skills. Skills in stage management, sound and lighting are also nurtured in our schools, not only through productions, but through the daily life of the school, by running and managing assemblies, school functions and related activities.


Much experimentation with film happens on a daily basis within the Middle and High schools, and the High school has held three successful film festivals in the past year.  In total, 19 original 10-15 minute films have been made, showcased and viewed by learners

A new Middle and High school music facility will be opened at the beginning of 2013, which will enhance and support our decision to make music an academic subject.

With the completion of the new multi-purpose facility on the High school campus we will be able to expand our already burgeoning resources.