Jewish Life and Learning (JLL)

JLL aims to provide the best Judaica education for our children.

The JLL team comprises the formal Jewish Studies teachers, and the informal Judaic and Zionist departments that serve our schools. The team is currently developing an exciting new curriculum titled “16 years at Herzlia”. This is an integrated curriculum that connects Pre-school to Matric, increasing in both depth and sophistication as pupils progress through the grades. The aim is to encourage intellectual and spiritual curiosity and give students a dynamic framework in which to explore and engage with Judaism and Zionism. The vision is to help HERZLIA become the benchmark of Jewish Day School education in the Diaspora, offering high quality Jewish education that is engaging, challenging, interesting and inspirational.


Rabbi Sean Cannon – Head of JLL UHS & Campus Rabbi

High School
Rabbi Sean Cannon – Head of JLL

Rabbi Dani Brett heads up the Beit Midrash Programme
Stanley Zive – Jewish Studies

Middle School
Debbie Suiza – Head of JLL
Jill Schiff – Jewish Studies

Constantia Primary
Raphi Ress – Head of JLL

Highlands Primary
Shimpa Moch – Head of JLL

Yael Ayache – Jewish Studies
Michal Aharon – Jewish Studies

Weizmann Primary
Yael Fish – Head of JLL

Melissa Hack – Jewish Studies

Pre-primary Schools
Serena Arnoni heads up JLL for all the Pre-primary schools.