Outreach activities

Our outreach agenda is firmly entrenched in the ethos of its ‘gemilut chasadim’ programme (acts of love and kindness). At primary, middle and high school levels most of the outreach work is carried out by the pupils themselves.

Our pre-primary schools are involved in outreach work at Vrygrond Sunrise Educare. The project began when we were approached by the One to One, UK Children’s Fund, to train our teachers together with Vrygrond teachers. This project covers many things including the training of teachers, enrichment of the lives of the children by offering opportunities for sponsored outings, workshops, parent mornings, free annual visits for teachers and children to a dentist and school reading screening services.

Each pupil in Grade 10, 11 and 12 is involved in community service as part of the Life Orientation programme and, through this, they are exposed to the broader society of which we are a part. At the High school, there are a number of clubs and societies that work in different ways with various sectors of South African society:

  • Interact runs the Tutor Outreach Programme, whereby pupils tutor Grade 8 pupils from a disadvantaged school, to help them with Maths and English.
  • The United Africa Society raises funds for and educates their peers about the plight of children in Africa.
  • The Herzlia branch of the Treatment Action Campaign works with the parent branch to provide education regarding HIV/AIDS, and to help those afflicted.
  • Equal Education aims to lobby government to provide equality of education for all South African children.  The pupils assist by collecting  library books and refurbish libraries.
  • PAWS (Pupils Animal Welfare Society) works with organisations that relieve the plight of animals in disadvantaged areas.
  • The Middle School outreach programme is organised by the Community Action Group. This group is run by the pupils and includes fundraising and programmes for Highlands House, Nazareth House, Hospice, Christine Revell Children’s Home, Maitland Cottage and SA Children’s Home.
  • Grade 6 pupils run activities at the annual Rotary One to One day for the mentally and physically handicapped of Cape Town.

In addition, our schools are always willing to help out in a crisis, and we are committed to regular collections for the Foodbank scheme, Winter Appeals and many more.

All pupils are encouraged to partipicate in outreach programmes.