School structure

United Herzlia Schools comprises the Sarah Bloch daycare centre, four pre-primary schools, three primary schools, a middle and a high school. We are a community based school and are widely regarded as the jewel in the crown of Cape Town Jewish Community.

HERZLIA has been in existence for over 70 years.  Each school has its own principal and executive committee and runs independently within the confines of the HERZLIA structure.  Each school has its own personality but is also a broad reflection of  the HERZLIA ethos.

An annual general meeting is held in May to elect the lay leadership to the Herzlia School Committee which is governed by our constitution.  The committee is elected for a period of two years and is headed by the chairman and two deputies and the treasurer.  Each member has its own portfolio i.e. sport, Jewish Life and Learning.  The audited financial statements are presented at this meeting.  HERZLIA has both PBO (public benefit organization) and NPO (non profit organization) status.

HERZLIA has a board of trustees that function as an advisory body to the UHS.  The role of the trustees is spelt out in our constitution.    At the AGM the UHS elects a Board of Trustees consisting of not more than ten (10) persons and not less than three (3) persons who serve until their resignation.

The day to day running of the school is divided into two equally important but distinctly different portfolios, education – headed by Geoff Cohen, director of Education and Finance and Administration by the director David Ginsberg.  A management committee comprising these two directors plus the chairman, deputy chairmen and the treasurer meet on a weekly basis to discuss critical issues pertaining to the schools.

We are immensely proud of our PTAs who play an extremely active role in fundraising, school events, the production of school plays, the improvement and purchasing of sports and play equipment.  Parents have always played a vital role in the running of the school.  The minister of education recently stated that active parents are the recipe for a successful school and we at Herzlia acknowledge our parents involvement.

HERZLIA has an annual budget in excess of R100 million, over 360 staff members, including academic, administrative support, ground and maintenance staff and sports coaches.  In addition there are over 30 staff members who specialize in learning and remedial support.