At HERZLIA we place major emphasis on the participation in and enjoyment of sport and are delighted to offer a vast range of sporting codes.

We encourage all pupils to take part in at least one sporting activity per term and work to ensure that every individual conducts him or herself appropriately. The main goal is to cultivate mutual respect, pride in oneself, sportsmanship and commitment.

We have high coaching standards and, in addition to employing outside coaches a HERZLIA teacher is always present.

Commitment is important to us however, with that in mind we, reject a “win at all costs” attitude to sport and play the game within the spirit of the sport.

HERZLIA has extensive sports facilities with a swimming pool on each campus.  Fields are rented from the council or other schools, except for Constantia who have extensive sports facilities available.  Sport is  encouraged from pre-primary school where the children are taught ball skills and monkeynastics.

Sports on offer include soccer, golf, squash, rugby, tennis, cricket, waterpolo, chess, basketball, netball, cycling, surfing. The Primary schools also offer swimming, cross country and athletics.