Why Herzlia?

Our educational foundation rests on four pillars: Jewish Life & Learning, Academics, Sport and Arts & Culture. Herzlia has a proud record of serving the Jewish community of Cape Town, with approximately 80% of school going Jewish children in Cape Town attending one of our campuses.

At HERZLIA we recognise that “education” means the development of the whole child emotionally, socially, intellectually, physically and spiritually. We design our curriculum to include all these aspects and constantly reflect on how these aspects work apart and together to fulfill our mandate.

Most of all we would like our students to live lives by Jewish values and to be menschen. We strive to prepare our children to take their place as citizens of our democratic South Africa.

Our aim for our students to have a strong and positive sense of Jewish identity which is rooted both cognitively and effectively in knowledge of Judaism and Jewish sources, history and peoplehood, in a sense of commitment to being Jewish, a feeling of belonging and responsibility to Klal Ysrael (the Jewish Community) and a bond with the State of Israel as the centre of Jewish life.

As a community school, we are committed to the principle of inclusion, which means providing a Jewish education for all Jewish children, including those with special educational needs, or those who are financially disadvantaged.

We aim to provide a child-centred and disciplined but non-authoritarian environment that encourages a caring and friendly relationship between teachers and learners, which allows for active participation, the nurturing of a questioning spirit and freedom of thought.

The Herzlia system comprises the Sarah Bloch Playschool and Day care centre in Vredehoek for children from ages 18 months to 3 years. We have four pre-primary schools around the peninsula, Herzlia Alon Ashel in Sea Point, Herzlia Kerem in Constantia, Herzlia Gan Aviv in Vredehoek and Herzlia Dafna in Milnerton.

Our three primary schools (Grades 1 – 6) are Herzlia Weizmann in Sea Point, Herzlia Constantia and Herzlia Highlands in Highlands Estate. Thereafter they come together at Our Middle (Grade 7 – 9) and High Schools (Grade 10 – 12) are located on the Highlands Estate campus.

Herzlia has extensive educational support in the form of school counsellors; special needs programmes, fully staffed learning centres equipped with the latest learning tools and aids as well as individual remedial lessons.

Our Informal Education programme is creative and imaginative with activities ranging from biology and history camps, the rocky shore outing, the opportunity to travel to Namibia and Israel on a variety of educational programmes, market days, cultural visits to art galleries and theatres.