Enrolment process

Finalisation of the financial and administrative enrolment process

Enrolment meeting
In order to facilitate your smooth transition into the HERZLIA system, after your meeting with the Principal,  you will be meeting with the central administration office to finalise the enrolment process. Please phone Ros Kurland on (021) 464 3383 to make an appointment. All financial or administrative requirements and queries need to be addressed with her at the meeting.

Completion of forms
Please ensure that you have paid the non-refundable registration fee of R3000 and that both parents have signed the enrolment form prior to the meeting.

In addition, the attached debit order form needs to be completed and signed. The School Committee raises the new fee structure in October each year. For planning purposes you may look at the current fee schedule and apply a 10% provision for an increase in next years estimated fees. Please note that this is purely for planning purposes and not an indication of the future fees.

Fees and payment method
The school year is divided into four terms, each consisting of three months. Fees are raised each term and are payable on the first day of the term. Fees can also be paid monthly and for this purpose debit orders are processed four times a month on the 1st, 7th, 15th and 25th. You can select the day of the month which you prefer to have the fees deducted from your account. 

Fees can also be paid quarterly. This debit order is processed on the 25th of the month (i.e. 25th January, 25th April, 25th July and 25th October).

In exceptional circumstances the school may accede to payment by electronic transfer, however, in the case of default, a debit order will be enforced.

Fees for children who join the system during the course of the term will be charged on a pro rata basis.  

Fees for children who visit the schools for a finite period, the following parameters will apply:
Period between 1 – 20 school days, one third of the term’s fees will be charged.
Period between 1 – 41 school days, two thirds of term’s fee will be charged.
Period in excess of 41 school days, a full terms fees will be charged.

To avoid being charged a terms fees a full terms written notice is required for children that intend withdrawing from the system.

School fee statements are emailed on a monthly basis. For this purpose please ensure the Finance department has your current email address. Any changes can be emailed to finance@herzlia.com or you can contact Ros Kurland on (021) 464 3383 or Alva Liebenberg on (021) 464 3384 – Monday to Thursday 08h00 – 17h00 and Friday 09h00 – 16h00.

Aftercare facilities
HERZLIA does offer aftercare facilities for Pre-primary and Primary school pupils. The aftercare fee schedule is listed with the school fee schedule. Should you require aftercare, please request an aftercare form from the principal of the relevant school for completion. The cost of the aftercare will be added to the school fee account.

Financial assistance
Financial Assistance Application Forms can be obtained from the debtors department or downloaded from our website herzlia.com.dedi91.cpt1.host-h.net If you require any further information on financial assistance, please contact Ros Kurland on (021) 464 3383 or Alva Liebenberg on (021) 464 3384, who will make an appointment to meet with you and guide you through the process.

The Finance and Administration Team take this opportunity to wish all children and parents a happy and successful career with your school of choice – HERZLIA.