Class Reunions

1982 Class Reunion in Cape Town

1982 REUNION IN CAPE TOWN by Lauren (Barnett) Dorfman

After much anticipation and lots of planning, a wonderful reunion for the Class of ’82 took place in Camps Bay, Cape Town on the 27th December 2016. A total of 29 excited alumni attended, many visiting from different parts of the globe including Israel, Canada, London and Australia. A special mention goes to Cheryl Ziv (Greenblo) who after hearing that a reunion was being organised, planned a trip from Israel for the occasion. Cheryl and her family made Aliyah in 1979 and had not been back to Cape Town for 30 years.

There was a wonderful atmosphere with lots of reminiscing and nostalgia. We even sang the old School Song! Rodney Beck did a fantastic job in arranging a delicious braai enjoyed by all. A special thank you to Geoff Cohen who attended the evening and updated us all on the Herzlia of today. The class of ’82 now has both a Whatsapp group and a Facebook page which has helped to reunite us all. We look forward to many more reunions in the future.

1986 REUNION IN CAPE TOWN by Tammy (Schlosberg) Isaacman

1986 - No 5

On Friday morning, 16 December 2016, 28 alumni (and some spouses and kids) from the Herzlia Class of 1986 gathered together at Café Riteve in Cape Town for our 30 year matric reunion.

Some of us had not seen each other since the last day of matric but there was definitely a common bond and link to our school days spent together in the classroom, on the playground and on the sports field.  For few of us, 30 years seemed to melt away as we hugged each other and shared memories and laughs from a time long ago.  We wore name tags as there were some “senior moments” trying to recognise some class mates whereas others hadn’t changed at all.

I made a short welcome speech and we then took a moment to remember our school mates that have since passed away: Doron Glanger, Gary Goldberg and Michelle Solomon.

Geoff Cohen spoke about Herzlia today and shared a few memories of our years at school.   We had a slide show of pictures we had accumulated from our school days which we watched while enjoying a sumptuous breakfast.

Albert Einstein said “Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned at school”.  We may not remember what we learnt at school but we are proud and honoured to have received the education we did from Herzlia.  A lot of our 1986 matrics have children going through Herzlia today so we are still very much connected to our school.

We parted with more hugs and the delight of a wonderful morning spent together reminiscing of our school days and also where we find ourselves today!  Thank you to everyone that attended and to those for their assistance in helping to arrange our reunion. We will always carry Herzlia in our hearts!

1986 - No 2
1986 - No 3
1986 - No 4


1986 in UK 2

1986 in UK 4

A lovely evening was had by all who attended the 1986 UK 30th Reunion. Some of us hadn’t seen each other since school and it was great catching up with everyone.  The evening went very quickly and clearly was not long enough – next reunion, we may have to organise lunch and dinner.

Some of us met up for drink at an Indian pub for a couple of hours before dinner and that kick-started the evening.  A few lips were unloosened and some humorous secrets from the past revealed. After that, we headed off to for dinner, which was at kosher Israeli restaurant in North London and met the rest of the gang.

There was laughter and a few tears, especially when remembering those who were not able to be there. Michelle Solomon, who passed away 4 years ago, was missed.  Lana Selby shared some lovely memories of Michelle. In attendance were Ivan Gluckman, Jonathan Collie, Lana Selby, Carin Stein (Manchester), Richard Wertheim, Mark Wertheim, Ingrid Noche and Gary Baigel (Oxford).

1996 REUNION IN CAPE TOWN By Emma (Frankel) Levin

RobertCohen; Michal Schroder & IvorHart

RobertCohen; Michal Schroder & Ivor Hart

Our Matric 96 Reunion was held on a perfect summer’s evening, on Thursday 22nd of December 2016 at the Herzlia Middle School Pool. 28 alumni attended and we were blown away by how many people were so keen to attend. Some spouses joined in too and there were around 40 people in total. The evening was spent having a braai (and polishing off 98 burgers!) and a few drinks around the school pool, and reminiscing about old times, current times, marriages, kids, jobs and life in general.

Geoff Cohen joined in and he gave us a fascinating tour of the High School Campus. We got to see the unbelievable new sports hall (which in our day was a volleyball court) and the revamped shul, which was noticeably bigger and redesigned and the amazing new music facilities – which did not exist in our time at school. We noticed how the Herzlia school pupils of today certainly have incredible facilities that we didn’t have access to, and they also have a much wider variety of choice when it comes to activities.

We realised how times have changed as we only matriculated 20 years ago, which to us doesn’t feel all that long ago, but it was amazing to realise that we didn’t have cellphones yet, or Facebook or unbelievably we didn’t even email!! Maybe that explains why if you wanted to meet someone, school was the best place to do it, and that’s why we have an astounding FIVE marriages within our year group – yes that’s 10 people who married someone from our matric year…we discovered this when we took the group photo at the school pool and requested it to be of the matric 96 year only with no spouses – but for some people, their spouses were in their matric year!

A fantastic time was had by everyone and a big thanks to Geoff Cohen and Paula Cohen for being such accommodating hosts and allowing us the use of the school campus. We will see you in 2026 when we’re 48 years old!

Back row (L to R): Andrew Joffe, Farrel Lifson, Dean Noik, Grant Nirenstein, Jason Gottschalk, Ido Gordon, Larry Mallach, Sean Effune + Jonathan Leslie

Middle Row (L to R): Emma Levin (neé Frankal), Debbie  (neé Abratt), Kelly Phelps, Janine Allen (neé Lidsky), Martine Klotz-Jackson (neé Jackson), Roniet Carr (neé Ovadia), Glenda Kerbel, Michal Schroder (neé Shpiegel), Carrie Gruzd (neé Sennett) + Matthew Gruzd

Front Row (L to R): Ivor Hart, Kevin Trope, Reuben Reingold, Robert Cohen, Gideon Kaufmann, Bradley Stern, Ronen Klugman, Shaun Kramer + Marc Donneson

1996 Reunion - class photo



By Tanya (Aumann) Kritzas

2006 Reunion 3

2006 Reunion 4

On December 8th 2016 we, the Herzlia Class of 2006, had our 10 year reunion. It was at Yaron Wiesenbacher’s (one of 2006 graduate’s cafe in Bree Street) Hard Pressed Cafe and it was a night to be remembered. 20-30 alumni were present and we had drinks and a light dinner.

Everyone enjoyed the evening and it was a huge success. Geoff Cohen came to chat to us about Herzlia’s history, and shared information on the Herzlia of today. We thoroughly enjoyed seeing him and hearing about how Herzlia has changed and grown over the years!  We all, of course, loved seeing each other too! Some of us hadn’t seen one another in years; others hadn’t seen each other in a mere few days.

It was a wonderful occasion and was fantastic catching up with old and current friends alike and meeting our classmates significant others and hearing about what people are doing these days. We look forward to our 20 year reunion in 2026.

2006 Class photo