The Herzlia Foundation Trust


In an article by Rabbi Yisrael Rutman entitled Generosity and the Jews, he says it is part of Jewish law that community leaders are responsible for the needs of the poor. Thus, some 800 years ago, Maimonides wrote: “We have never seen or heard of a Jewish community that does not have a chuppah.”

And so it has continued to the present time; the myriad of special funds for food, clothing, education, medical treatment, and every other need, are commonplace throughout the Jewish world. Our Jewish community is unique and we are incredibly fortunate that through this generosity of spirit we are able to witness everyday astounding philanthropic activity which is an organic function of Jewish tradition.

You all here tonight represent true Tzeddekah, Ubuntu and chesed; thank you to each one of you, our donors who have invested so generously in our beloved Herzlia ensuring that we continue to provide a world class Jewish education to the children of Cape Town- our future.

Excerpt from The Herzlia Foundation Trust Donor Appreciation Event 4 August 2016

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