Herzlia’s Four Pillars


“Our education rests on four pillars: Jewish Life & Learning (JLL), Academics, Sports and Arts & Culture. Herzlia has a proud record of serving the Jewish community of Cape Town. 80% of Jewish children in Cape Town attened Herzlia. ” – Geoff Cohen (Director of Education, UHS)


Herzlia is consistently ranked in the top ten schools in the Western Cape Province and we are proud to be the first mainstream school in South Africa to introduce an alternative academic stream. We have a 100% matric pass rate which includes the students in our inclusive programme.

Herzlia recognises that the academic needs of children are best met when they are developmentally ready for each new challenge and that children learn best when teaching is child-centered. We also pride ourselves on ensuring that in order for each child to reach his or her potential the school must have a positive and close partnership with parents. It is part of Herzlia’s mission to ensure that our teachers are regularly provided with professional development opportunities to ensure cutting edge classroom practice.


We recognise that ‘education’ means the development of the whole child emotionally, socially, intellectually, physically and spiritually. We design our curriculum to include these aspects. As a community school, we are committed to the principle of inclusion, which means providing a Jewish education for all Jewish children, including those with special educational needs, or those who are financially disadvantaged. Children make the most progress in an inclusive environment which respects everyone’s individual strengths and weaknesses.


Extension is an integral part of the planning that is done by all subject teachers. This is done through varied assessment methodologies, extra-curricular activities such as Science and English Olympiads, clubs and societies, as well as subject specific tours, outings and guest-speakers. Wherever possible the scope of work is wider and more options and choices are offered. Mathematics is streamed which allows for extension to take place in the top sets. In English, enrichment classes stuffy a wider variety of challenging text and text types with higher levels of content and vocabulary.


Jewish Life and Learning (JLL) is a key pillar upon which Herzlia has built their educational process. The Jewish Life and Learning team comprises the formal Jewish Studies teachers, and the informal Judaic and Zionist departments that serve our schools. We follow a traditional Orthodox those with strong focus on Zionism, instilling a love of and commitment to the State of Israel. At Herzlia we aim to encourage intellectual and spiritual curiosity and give students a dynamic framework in which to explore and engage with Judaism and Zionism. The vision is to help Herzlia become the benchmark for Jewish Day School education in the Diaspora, offer high quality Jewish education that is engaging, challenging, interesting and inspirational.


With the Herzlia ethos all our schools from Pre-Primary to Grade 12 have a creative and educational Arts and Culture Programme, both in the formal and informal arena. At each of the 10 campuses Herzlia employs Drama, Music, Design and Visual Arts teachers. Many of the schools have, on an annual basis, produced showcases, school drama plays, musicals and one-act play festivals. The Middle and High School vocal ensemble is professionally run group that performs extensively in both the Jewish and wider community. Drama, Design, Visual Arts and Music form an integral element across all grades. At each level Herzlia provides the opportunity to be involved and explore these offerings at the age appropriate stage.


Herzlia places major emphasis on the participation in and enjoyment of sport and offer a vast range of sporting codes. Pupils are encouraged to take part in at least one sporting activity per term. The main goal is to cultivate mutual respect, pride in oneself, sportsmanship and commitment. Herzlia has high coaching standards and teaches pupils that commitment, a positive attitude and team work is key. Herzlia has extensive sports facilities with a swimming pool on each campus. Sport is encouraged from Pre-Primary School where the children are taught balls skills, gymnastics and Monkeynastix. Sports on offer include soccer, swimming, atheltics, golf, squash, rugby, tennis, cricket, water polo, chess, basketball, netball, cycling and surfing.