Anti-bullying Policy

In keeping with the school’s philosophy, we strive to create a climate in which every pupil can develop academically, socially, spiritually and emotionally. In order for this to happen, the pupils need to feel safe. Attempting to route out all elements of bullying is an integral part of our attempts to create a secure environment that is conducive to the desired development of each individual.

Furthermore, it is our responsibility as a Jewish institution to adhere to the teachings of the Torah. Hillel’s well-known summation thereof – “Do not do unto others what is hateful to yourself” is a message that we need constantly to impart.

Each and every pupil has rights, namely to feel safe, learn and grow, be respected, be valued and be different. However, with rights come responsibilities, namely to respect yourself, respect others, use common sense, support others and to show compassion and understanding. These rights and responsibilities should be embraced by staff, parents and pupils alike.