Weekday Tefilah for Schools

These Tefilah Recordings have been ​developed and musically arranged  by Cantor Ivor Joffe and the JLL Team at United Herzlia Schools. They are used by teachers at our school during Tefilah as well as in class periods to teach both the reading and singing of Tefilot. They​ are now available here online for parents to support their children by reading and singing through these recordings at home together.

There are various versions of each Tefilah to allow for versatile use. 
1) Reading
2) Singing with piano accompaniment
3) Singing with orchestral accompaniment
4) Musical Backing Track​

When assigned for homework the teachers will specify which musical recording to use by referring to the track number or occasionally allowing you and your child the freedom to make that choice.

Please note: These Tefilah Recordings remain the sole property of United Herzlia Schools. Under no circumstances may they be shared with any other individual, school or institution without the express prior permission of  United Herzlia Schools.

In the near future we do look forward to​ possibly​ making this Jewish Music Resource available to others​.​ However​,​ we trust you understand that this needs to take place under certain conditions. So when necessary please contact us – or ask the interested party to do so in order that appropriate arrangements can be made.

We wish you all many hours of enjoyment​ filled with Music and Tefilah!