Individual focus. Collective success.

Academic, emotional, social and developmental support - for all.

Making dreams a reality.
Each person who walks through our doors is an individual with unique needs and dreams. We’re committed to meeting these needs, so their dreams come true. By being involved and engaged in our pupils’ growth, we encourage their strengths and support them in any areas of struggle. Supporting Emotional & Educational Development, or SEED, helps discover potential, cultivates and promotes social, emotional and academic growth, and empowers individuals to reach maximum success.

Pupil Support

Counselling & Therapy
Pupils can access Emotional and Mental Health support from peer mentors, clinical and educational psychologists and social workers.
Concessions & Accommodations
We employ remedial teachers and speech and language therapists, offer extra time, scribes, readers, separate venues and exemptions.
Support Sessions
We offer individual, small group, whole class, whole grade, and whole school Support Sessions with trained support staff.
Academic & Career Support
We prepare for the real world through Subject Choice, Career & Learning Support, Educational & Ed-Psych Assessments, Exam Management, and NBT, SAT & Tertiary Applications.
Further Studies
Formerly Advanced Programming, our Further Studies extension programmes in Maths and English give pupils interested in the sciences an advantage to get into certain faculties.
Differentiated Learning
Vocational Streams, Further Studies, Extension and Tutorial Programmes, Benchmark Tests, and Educational Psychologists meet each child where they are.

Teacher Support

When teachers are supported to be the best version of themselves, they can give the same support to their pupils. That’s why we care deeply about our teachers and do whatever we can to create a positive working environment where their needs are met.
Competitive Packages

We offer attractive leave policies, competitive compensation, development opportunities, community and emotional support, while supporting and encouraging career growth.

Staff Development
To empower, increase knowledge and uplift professional profiles, we offer our staff relevant study opportunities and enhance their ability to provide Mental Health support to pupils in need.
Professional Wellness
We want our teachers to feel fulfilled through their work and in their personal growth. That’s why we facilitate on-going Staff Wellness Days and Programmes.

From the ground up.

From our Learning Centres, Sensory Rooms, SEED Centre, Wellness Centre, Media Centre and Tranquility Spaces – we don’t just talk the talk, we have already built and will continue to research and develop unique spaces for personal, emotional and academic growth.
The people behind it all.
Meet our staff, our team, our family.

Tax benefits

Tax Benefits of Donating to The Herzlia Foundation Trust

United Herzlia Schools is the sole beneficiary of The Herzlia Foundation Trust PBO No. 930038539

South Africa Donors are eligible for a Section 18 A tax certificate in respect of donation to the Foundation (depending on the terms of the donation within our discretion). Please contact if you require assistance.

United Kingdom Donors can apply for a GiftAid form if they donate through EuroChai SA. Please contact Ralph Frank if you require further assistance.

United States of America Donors can receive tax benefit if they donate via the Jewish Community Foundation of San Diego. Please ensure designation of funds is “Friends of Herzlia”.

Canada Donors can receive tax benefits if they donate through UJA Federation of Greater Toronto. Please ensure allocation of funds is written “The Herzlia Foundation Trust” on your donation & tribute form. Please contact Eyal Golan if you require further assistance.

Australia Donors can receive tax benefits if they donate through Chai Charitable Foundation.