About Admission to Herzlia

Herzlia is an Independent Jewish Day School with an open admissions policy, catering to over 80% of the Cape Town Jewish Community’s children.

Our Central Administration Office in Highlands Estate administers the admissions process and waiting lists for all our schools.

Admission interviews for our Pre-schools take place between August and October each year. Placement decisions for our Pre-schools are made in October for admission the following year. We recommend that you apply soon after birth to be placed on the waiting list.

Admission is dependent on the school’s capacity and resources, the educational suitability of the child, and the financial affordability of the parents.

Preference for admission is given to children of parents where one or both of the parents are either Orthodox or Progressive Jews.

All pupils need to respect the Jewish and Zionist ethos of the school, study Hebrew and Jewish Studies, and participate in Jewish religious, cultural and other events.

Visit our School first

We recommend that you make an appointment to visit the school and meet the Principal informally, to feel comfortable about your choice before deciding to apply.

The Application Process

To apply for admission to Herzlia, please download the application form here.

Meet the Principal

Whilst there is no entrance examination, after paying the administration fee of R3000 and submitting your application form, you will be required to visit the school with your child to meet with the Principal for a discussion and educational assessment.

Where applicable, you will also need to provide the Principal with your child’s reports, educational assessments, special needs requirements and any other information that could assist with and inform the Principal about the placement of your child.

Administration and Finance

You may wish to set up a meeting with Ros Kurland, the Admissions Officer (021 286 3457), who will assist you with any queries regarding fees and with the completion of the admissions process. All new parents are required to meet with her to ensure all administrative and financial aspects have been complied with.  At the annual Pre-school interviews, for your convenience, Ros Kurland is normally available to meet with you at the school after meeting the Principal.

Ros Kurland (021 286 3457), can assist with specific requirements for visitors and foreign pupils.

Waiting List and Placement

Thereafter, your application will be placed on the waiting list according to the date received. Preference is given to Jewish children, children of Old Herzlians and to those who have siblings in the system.

The school will contact you regarding placement for your application as soon as possible.

You will be made an Offer of Placement and then be required to sign the contract of enrolment and agree to the rules, policies and payment conditions.

The school reserves the right to accept or reject any application and placement is not guaranteed.