The Board of Governors reviews fees annually and publishes the new fees in the 4th term for the next academic year.

To view our 2021 Fees click Here

The school year is divided into four terms, each consisting of three months. Fees are raised each term and are payable on the first day of the term.

Payment by Debit Order is compulsory.

Fees for children who join the system during the course of the term will be charged on a pro rata basis. Fees for children who visit the schools for a finite period, the following parameters will apply: Period between 1 and 20 school days, one third of the term’s fees will be charged. Period between 1 and 30 days, two thirds of term’s fee will be charged. Period in excess of 41 days a full terms fees will be charged.

School fee statements are emailed on a monthly basis. For this purpose please ensure the Finance department has your current email address.

Any queries can be emailed to or you can contact Ros Kurland on (021) 286 3457 or Alva Liebenberg on (021) 286 3458 – Monday to Thursday 07h30 – 16h30 and Friday 07h30 – 16h00.