Herzlia Constantia continues to grow and thrive and pupil numbers are on the increase. We offer the advantages of comparatively small classes and a high level of remedial and support services in addition to superior academic, cultural and sports facilities. The grounds have a number of sports fields and a swimming pool.

The school premises and facilities are also used by the Constantia Hebrew Congregation which serves the Jewish community in the area.

Herzlia Constantia is an intimate and nurturing community school placing our children as central to all our deliberations. We offer a relevant and dynamic education programme embedded in child-centered Judaic values and practices.

Our philosophy is one of creating a safe and exciting space for all children to feel they are a valued member of their class and their school. We believe that all children can and do contribute to the learning that evolves in their classroom. Our teachers and support staff work together to share their expertise and to create exciting and meaningful learning opportunities, to observe and to engage with their children to elicit the best of their potential always. We have advanced our teaching methodology to include interactive smart board lessons as well as iPad technology in all classes.

We believe that our school is a microcosm of South African society and that through practice and sharing responsibility our children learn how to get on in the world, contribute and make the world a better place and unleash their true potential to achieve in all areas of life; be it academic, sport, dramatic arts and culture.

We welcome visitors and families to engage and spend time with us during the school day.

“Our values are based upon our Jewish traditions and faith and strive to incorporate these ethics daily. We encourage our pupils to be the best they can be by contributing and caring for those around us. We value skills-based learning and encourage participation in the life of the school around extra-curricular cultural and sporting codes. We value science, mathematics and technology and see it as the key for children to unlock their potential. Learning is experiential and revolves around structured play and interpersonal interactions through themes and exciting current learning techniques. Our vision as a Primary School is to prepare our children to develop a sound self-concept and strengthen their foundation for future learning outside the school arena.”
Jos Horwitz