Gan Aviv is a family-centered preschool located in Oranjezicht. Our beautiful grounds and wonderful facilities provide the ideal environment for us to work in partnership with you to ensure your child’s all round growth and development. We focus our learning through play and aim to ensure productive, fun-filled experiences, daily.

We aim to strengthen our pupil’s identity as a Jewish South African through the Hebrew language, traditions, Chaggim and shared Torah values.

We plan and prepare with insight following broad outcomes and allow children to lead us through their interests, knowledge, values and skills. We delight in partnering with you and your child, as you go through a time of rapid growth and development. This culminates at the end of three years when your children are ready to move onto our primary school.

We provide an environment where each child can achieve their development at their own pace, making early learning an exciting experience and providing strong foundations for their future education.

At Gan Aviv, each child is treated as a unique person, with educational programmes and activities to meet their own needs.

We promote a sense of community through co-operation, sharing and by demonstrating respect for others.

“It is an honour and privilege to work at such a magical school filled with incredible children and an amazing team of teachers, assistants and support staff. It's really something special to be working within one's own community - especially at Herzlia.”
Karen Kaimowitz