Herzlia Highlands Primary is committed to providing a rich Jewish education to all our pupils, including formal and informal Judaica programmes and Hebrew. Hebrew and Jewish Studies are compulsory subjects and there are also many informal Judaica programmes. The State of Israel is central to Jewish life throughout the world and we are a proudly Zionist school.

We use multilayered methodology that integrates a variety of thinking skills blended with the use of technology in the classroom. The staff is committed to teaching each individual as we recognise that pupils internalise knowledge in different ways. We believe in the importance of reaching each child and aim to inspire a love of learning in all of our pupils. Our focus on the individual needs of children enables pupils to maximise their abilities.

Our co-curricular programme offers a broad range of opportunities for our pupils. Although we are competitive and enjoy the challenges of inter-school matches, our primary focus is on participation. We are proud of the large numbers of pupils who participate in the sport and cultural activities on offer. Great emphasis is placed on sportsmanship and team building and we are proud of the lasting friendships that are made amongst the Highlands teammates.

Highlands Primary aims to provide the very best education in both the secular and Jewish domains in an atmosphere which is structured yet loving and nurturing. We accommodate children from Grades 1 – 6.

At Highlands the greatest compliment that one can be given is to be called a mensch and we would like to believe that our ultimate goal is for our children to exhibit menschlikheid.

“That we are continually striving towards a relevant, exciting, technology centred, academic curriculum is a given, however more importantly, we pride ourselves in our determination to be a centre of kindness in an increasingly unkind world. Because Highlands prides itself on its inclusivity, our aim is to address the needs of each individual so that their learning experience is not only personally relevant in an ever-changing global society, but that it is personally meaningful for them too.”
Mike Ford