Herzlia Kerem lies in the southern suburbs of Cape Town and caters for children from Playgroup (two years old) to Grade R.

Our strong ethos of inclusivity precedes our acceptance of all children and we constantly strive to provide the appropriate support they require. Our campus has a strong focus on developing self-esteem and nurturing each child’s potential as well as an open-door policy to create a sound partnership with our parents.

Herzlia Kerem has a magnificent and dedicated team of teachers, psychologists, learning support facilitators, assistants and aftercare coordinators. In addition, we have onsite occupational, physio, speech and language therapists. The professional team meet twice a week to plan and to support each other, the children, their parents and families.

To ensure that we’re up-to-date on the latest in childhood trends and issues, early childhood staff development is ongoing, with educators attending staff development regularly. We communicate with our parents weekly about activities in the school and classrooms respectively.

As part of our foundational pillars in education, we integrate all Jewish festivals and daily practices into our programme and plan the children’s learning around themes that are relevant to their lives. We have educational outings, parent events and exciting fun learning experiences and offer children a great start as they begin their journey through school.

Herzlia Kerem is the entry point into United Herzlia Schools and the beginning of an exciting educational journey. Here, your child can discover that learning is fun, exciting and successful.