There is a natural progression of pupils from all three Herzlia Primary Schools into the middle campus. Additionally, the middle campus acts as a stepping stone to the High School, where they will ultimately complete their schooling and matriculate.

The curriculum is tailored with this age-group in mind – which we refer to as ‘in-betweenagers’. We ensure to engage with the pupils with all of our fundamental pillars in mind, namely: education, sports, Jewish Life, arts and culture and Menschlichkeit to provide them with a host of opportunities to reach their potential.

Adolescence is the age of enthusiastic involvement and excitement, a time of active participation and exploration.  Geared specifically for Grade 7 – 9 Herzlia Middle School offers a safe environment in which adolescents are encouraged to grow at their own pace.

The Inclusive Leadership Programme aims to deliver and develop the skills to be a leader to the students in each of the grades here. With tremendous success, the result is a programme in which more than 100 pupils are occupying various leadership positions within the school, including Grade representatives, captains of sports teams and class monitors.

In addition, all pupils are exposed to this field of training and an exciting development has included many participants in the President’s Leadership Award.

We have a very active and vibrant Inter-house system, which is inclusive of all the students and teachers. These activities include:

  • galas
  • athletic competitions
  • plays
  • sporting activities.

At Herzlia Middle School it’s important for us to provide an inspiring environment where there is a balance between freedom to innovate and learning in a framework of a mutual respect which stems from discipline. We find that this is an easy task to execute if we, as role models, live out the values of cooperation and accountability.

“At the Middle School, it’s important for us to provide a balanced learning environment in which children are free to express ideas. In addition to world-class education and a sound atmosphere, we strive to reinforce many Jewish values such as; Torah, Truth, Integrity, Respect and Pride. Visitors to Herzlia Middle School often mention the happy ‘vibe’ they can sense sitting in the office area waiting for an appointment. I believe this is because we are not just a school, but also a family. If we all value each other’s contributions - big or small - towards this unique learning environment instilling Jewish values, allowing for each other’s differences, while nurturing a sense of belonging, we will live our motto every day believing that if you will it, it will be no dream.”
Shane Brorson
Acting Principal
Shane Brorson
Judith Kohler
Deputy Principal/Mathematics Teacher
Lisa Fainstein
PA to Principal
Bernhard Frauenknecht
Head of Grade 8/Science Teacher
Miemie Victor
Head of Grade 9/Afrikaans Teacher
Anna Mart Minnaar
Head of Arts & Culture/History Teacher
Belmont Tshado
Head of Science
Benjamin Blumenthal
Head of Life Orientation/Grade 7 Assistant Head/Science Teacher
Chery van den Berg
Head of Technology/Afrikaans Teacher
Debbie Suiza
Head of JLL
Jason Collins
Head of EMS/Mathematics Teacher
Lucille Dunne
Head of Educational IT/Mathematics Teacher/Admin
Michael Vorster
Head of Afrikaans
Tina Brenzel
Head of Sport
Walter Ncube
Head of Geography/Mathematics Teacher
Bev Ryder
English Teacher
Caitlin van der Toorn
English Teacher
David Watkyns
Music Teacher
Duncan-Andrew Smith
History/Life Orientation Teacher
Estelle Hendricks
Mathematics/Remedial Teacher
Lauren Paillaid
Mathematics Teacher
Lynn Arnold
Art Teacher (MS)/Visual Art Teacher (HS)
Lynnette le Grange
EMS Teacher
Mart-Mare Viviers
Afrikaans Teacher
Nirit Gerassi
Hebrew Teacher
Rabbi Justin Swaine
JLL Teacher/Campus Rabbi
Ravi Krishnaswamy
English Teacher
Roni Harris
Hebrew Teacher
Roni Lahav
Hebrew Teacher
Shirley Musikanth-Zacks
Hebrew Teacher
Tzachi Cohen
Head of Israel Education
Christelle Lottering
Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (SENCO)
Clara Machado
Outsourced Remedial Teacher
Kate Green
Outsourced Remedial Teacher
Nicole Botha
Outsources Remedial Teacher
Lance Heath
Peter Joseph
Laboratory Assistant
Denise Hartogh
Essential Staff
Gakeem Lasker
Essential Staff
Lindelwa Majombozi
Essential Staff
Lungile Bulembu
Essential Staff