United Herzlia Schools is an institution with over 2000 pupils and 400 staff spread over 10 campuses.  In order to facilitate the smooth running of our schools, we have divided the schools operating structures into two distinctly separate divisions: Education headed by Geoff Cohen who oversees all teaching and learning in our school and Central Administration & Finance under David Ginsberg.

The education of children is our primary mission at Herzlia.  We aim to produce well-rounded, educated children who can take their place in society as global citizens.  As the Director of Education, I am responsible for ensuring that the standard of education at Herzlia is of the highest order.

An institution with 10 campuses has its own challenges not the least of which is ensuring that all our schools operate within the same educational framework whilst maintaining the personality and individuality of each campus.  To make this work, we have consolidated a number of departments that bring all the schools into line.

Jewish Life & Learning (JLL)
Curriculum Development
Inclusion & Extension Programmes

We are constantly reviewing teaching methodologies and curriculum development, organising training and development for teaching staff, co-ordinating outsourced sports coaches and remedial teachers.

Our Principals Management Committee meet every month to discuss and brainstorm areas of mutual benefit, resolve problems and plan programmes, events and activities.

I often tell my staff that each and every day they walk through the gates of our school, they make a difference in the lives of our children. I genuinely believe that we do indeed make a difference in the lives of our children. I also believe that we teach our children to respect others and to be accepting of all people. I believe that when they leave the safe and secure environment of Herzlia, they take with them the qualities needed to become decent and productive citizens of our global society and that wherever they go in the world, they will be fine examples and ambassadors of their community, their family and their school.

Geoff Cohen – geoffc@herzlia.com

Rabbi Sean Cannon – rabbisean@herzlia.com

Ronnie Gotkin

Tina Brenzel – tbrenzel@herzlia.com

Tracy Klass (Manager) – tracy@herzlia.com
Lisa Leemans – lleemans@herzlia.com

Mark Helfrich – mhelfrich@herzlia.com

Geoff Cohen
Director of Education
Lisa Leemans
PA to Director Education Electronic Marketing
Tracy Klass
Marketing Manager
Rabbi Sean Cannon
Head of Jewish Life and Learning UHS
Ivor Joffe
Head of Jewish Music UHS
Ronnie Gotkin
Head of Hebrew UHS
Mark Helfrich
Curriculum Co-ordinator UHS
Tina Brenzel
Head of Sport UHS