By Rosalyn (Adler) Futeran


On the 26 June, Freyda (Katzman) Raskin, Faye Bonn, Reeva (Michaelson) Brown, Adrian Ehrlich, Zvi Levy, Toby (Mazel) Cohen, Tziona (Fiona) Melman and Rosalyn (Adler) Futeran of the class of 1978 got together at Derech Hageffen restaurant on a Moshav in the Jerusalem Hills. We were happy to be joined by Nadia (Galloon) Barasch who was visiting from Los Angeles as well as Adrian’s wife Beverley and Reeva’s husband, Yehuda.

Quite a few people brought memorabilia – our Matric magazine, the Herzlia record, a school tie, a merit blazer, the Tanach we had been given for our Bar and Batmitzvot, photo albums, old school reports and certificates. We enjoyed looking at old photos, swapping stories and catching up. Most of us literally hadn’t seen each other for 40 years! It really turned out to be a fun evening.

We know that there are two more reunions planned in Los Angeles and Cape Town and we are sure that everyone will enjoy themselves as much as we did. It’s such a pity that we all live so far apart.