What a fun and fabulous time we had.

By Lesley Sacks


On a warm night at the end of December 2017 a group of ‘kids’ from the Herzlia Class of ’87 got together for a chilled reunion. Oh my gosh, has it really been 30 years?!!! I’m sure I wasn’t the only one there who still feels like I am in my 20’s (or at least in my 30’s). We met at The Press in Sea Point, the food was delicious and the atmosphere fantastic and although David gave us our own space you know how it is with Jews and especially Jews who haven’t seen each other in so long, we were sprawled all over the place and chatting loudly at the bar much to the irritation of a few out-of-towners who were hoping for a quiet, late dinner.

When I look back at my school years I am confronted with many different emotions but what makes me happiest is when I remember the group we became in those last two years. I felt that somehow the lines that had kept us separated into different ‘cliques’ had blurred and it felt as though we had become just a single one (I think it started with preparing for the fabulous Amadeus Matric Dance). I was saddened to hear that not everyone felt the same way and that there were a handful of people who had made a conscious decision not to attend, sad also that after all this time people still carry the hurts from our adolescent years.

It was so incredible to connect with all the beautiful people who managed to join us, some of whom we hadn’t laid eyes on since way back in the day, some who were visiting from overseas like Jenny Gers, Amanda Beinart, Lauren Murinik, Julian Maimin and Mickey Nurtman (who had already prepared his lovely wife that Lesley Sacks would complain about him cutting her hair in Std 6. I did, we chatted, we hugged, and we made up).

It was also stunning to hang with the people who I see regularly, like my old Std 7 accountancy desk mate, Doron Goldberg and Basil Faulty aka Warren Wilensky and those I bump into every now and then like Bernard Osrin, Alon Saban, Gavin Duveen, Adam Schulman and our former head boy, David Alpert. It was also interesting to note how much some people have changed, most notably Susan Jacobson who is looking absolutely fabulous.

As we sat around the bar drinking candy floss martinis we reminisced about the simpler days. Hayley Shev schlepped along a bunch of photo albums and they were a lot of fun to peruse except for the fact that at our age reading glasses are a must (I didn’t think to bring them along) and it’s impossible to zoom with your fingers no matter how hard you try. It was lovely also to connect with the few spouses who joined us especially those that we also knew from school days like Eleanor (Shneiderman) with her husband

Raoul Miller (class of ’86) and Darren Levy (Oh my gosh he was never that good looking in the 80’s) and his wife Lari (Rosenberg, class of ’89). We were also all excited to see a happy new couple emerging from our class and I recently noticed on Facebook that Debbie Shapiro and Searll Musikanth have been an item for an entire year already.

I made an impromptu speech (impromptu even though I’d dreamed about it in my 20’s al ’a huge American style reunion) and we had a few laughs. I read through a list of predictions from our ‘yearbook’ and checked out what had come true. And no Bev Shnaps hasn’t had a facelift and neither has Kevin Bub (yet?) and Basil Chait never did become a Rasta although he did become a Chassid. Andrew Sollinger never did set up a psychiatric ward for puppets and Jonny Taitz has not drowned in beer nor did Susie Tanchel become the President of the United States but Zark (aka Marc Zarenda) has celebrated 7000 birthdays and Lynda Dave did indeed come back to teach at Herzlia.

No one was in a rush to leave and the biggest ‘lag’ of the night came right at the end when I discovered that Gideon Maresky is a popular plastic surgeon in Cape Town and so I started asking him about having facelifts in our 40’s (apparently I should try radio frequency) and others wanted to know about neck wrinkles, boob jobs etc., what a fun way to end off an altogether wonderful night. Looking forward to seeing you all, and others in 2027!