By Grant Lyons

We started this thought
With two boys on each port
One in LA
And one in New York

We invited our crew
Stacey and Sharon said Yes!
Who knew?? I swear
I haven’t seen Stacey since school

Joseph jumped in
and said “How can I help”
Got Michael and Martin
Howie, Steven and Mark

Joel called from Yale
Which just made our day
With these 11 friends
How could we fail??

Our weekend in August
Started at Shul for the Shabbos
Where Joseph again outdid himself
with Chazzonis

After L’chaims and a wise words from the Rov
We headed to Suzi and Grant for some wors
Actually there was no wors,
We had Moroccan salmon instead, main course
Saturday’s walk to Brooklyn from the City at 1
Crossing Delancey, covered in sun
Onto the Williamsburg Bridge we stepped
A walking tour of Williamsburg. Miles?
Between seven and 10
Cafe Mogador for lunch
Mawalach, coffee and eggs
The perfect way to rest
Our legs
The afternoon was beautiful
Old stories and smiles
Like we saw each other yesterday
I swear, no lie
14 of us gathered for dinner that night
New York has never seen such a sight
Jack’s Wife Frieda, the name of this spot
Awesome peri-peri chicken and schnitzel, the lot

We laughed and we howled
No care for the clock
To Mazi and Tami
Big love and big props!

We rolled into breakfast
And some said goodbye
Then some headed to the Jaffe’s
or the most amazing braai, thanks T!

There’s a bond that exists
Between people with light
And like-minded people
Who keep the world bright

Thanks so much all for the effort
And for flying in; Sharon, Stacey,
And you Jonny Saven
Can you believe what Joel’s
doing in New Haven?