By Nicole Katz


We had the Australia 1988 School Reunion at the home of Nicole Katz (Berman) in Sydney. 24 Alumni were there. 19 were from Sydney and five people made the effort to come from interstate, four from Melbourne and one from Perth which really made the reunion extra special.

It was truly wonderful catching up with old classmates, some of whom had not seen each other since finishing school. There was certainly a warm buzzing energy in the room while we ate flings, romany creams, peppermint crisp dessert and of course drank while we all had so much to talk about.

It was so much fun going down memory lane. Everyone seemed so familiar like it was yesterday we left Herzlia and ‘The slopes of Table Mountain’. It also made us realise how lucky we were to have gone to such a unique school and how important keeping in touch is and connections are. We joked that we may not wait 10 years for the next reunion but may have one in five instead!

As for the formalities, there was an iMovie showing the Herzlia school song which made us all nostalgic. Beautiful messages were also sent from Solly Kaplinsky, Geoff Cohen, Ivor Joffe, Nadia Noyman, Lara Bregin and Dayle Zieff which everyone enjoyed. A slide show of old photos were then displayed with Johnny Clegg’s song Under African Sky and Salaam being played in the background. Everyone had a great night catching up and rekindling old friendships.

Thank you to Herzlia Alumni Association for your backup and support. Until next time, take care.

Sending love from Sydney,

Nicole Katz