By Daniella Mark & Mica (Curitz) Stern

To mark the 20 year reunion since we matriculated, the Class of 1997 celebrated at Herzlia High School in Cape Town in December 2017. We were lucky to have with us several class members who are living internationally or in other cities in South Africa, but in town for various simchas and the summer holidays. 45 people from the year group attended, many with partners.

It was truly special to enjoy a glorious sunset on the slopes of Table Mountain, sitting together as classmates, and listening to Head of Education, Geoff Cohen share with us the remarkable developments in the Herzlia system over the past two decades. We spoke of wonderful memories and enduring friendships. We walked together through the Middle and High School campuses, talking about these developments and reminiscing about school days. Many of the group now have children enrolled in the Herzlia system across various campuses and grades, testimony to the confidence and pride we have in Herzlia.

We were able to share the evening with many other classmates abroad in real time via social media, and enjoyed their support from afar. The class decided to give a group donation to The Herzlia Foundation Trust and Children’s Hospital Trust to support the school and broader community.