By Hayley (Rabie) Cohen



On the 19 December 2018, a group of 1998 Herzlia Alumni gathered at the High School tuckshop to celebrate 20 years since we matriculated. Geoff Cohen took us on a tour of the school. The changes and innovations were highlighted and impressed all the attendees, illustrating that Herzlia is still offering a world-class education, and beyond.
Re-uniting with old friends and catching up on 20 years of life was enjoyable and led to lots of fond memories and laughs. Below is the speech given by MC Adrian Mauerberger at the event:
“It was 1998, but it could have been any year. High school days were filled with emotion and excitement: The great late-night parties, the friendships we lived for and the music we played while we drove around on Saturday nights. And at our 20 year high school reunion, those memories are crystal-clear. Twenty years later, we still remember: the great late-night parties, the friendships we lived for and the music we played. The times we live in have changed, but actual things don’t change much, and people don’t either. Herzlia, Class of ’98, we welcome you all here this evening to rekindle old friendships, catch up on the here and now and reminisce about the good ol’ days.
A big thank you to the reunion committee Hayley, Sarin, Ziv and Amanda for assisting in making this evening a reality. I would like to thank the amazing Geoff Cohen for continuing to lead our legacy and we look forward to celebrating the next milestone, our 30 year reunion!”