All year groups, even as far back as 1960, joined the Herzlia leadership team for a very special reunion in Johannesburg on 23 October.

Around 50 people living in Joburg came to the Wanderers Club where drinks and snacks were served. Everyone loved reconnecting and catching up with one another and of course learning about new developments – especially at Herzlia.

Director of Jewish Identity and Community, Geoff Cohen, welcomed everyone and gave a quick overview of where Herzlia is today. The Executive Director of United Herzlia Schools, Andries van Renssen, spoke to the importance of Herzlia alumni living all over the world. Herzlia Foundation Manager, Lauren Sweidan, spoke about the importance of securing Jewish education through the Herzlia Foundation bursary fund.

The audience then asked lots of questions showing their interest and care. After the formalities, everyone went back to mingling and having a good laugh. The evening
was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone who attended and commented that it was a good walk down memory lane!