2016 Celebrating You

2016 Celebrating You

Our annual Donor Appreciation Event was held in August 2016 to celebrate and acknowledge our generous donors.

Photographs captured by Guy Lerner.

On Thursday, 4th August 2016 The Herzlia Foundation Trust hosted an evening of celebration – honouring our donors. The evening was an opportunity to acknowledge, recognize and extend our appreciation to our donors and the integral role they play in affecting the lives of Jewish children in our community each and every day. It was also the official opening of The Mauerberger Foyer at the High School

Special guest, Dianna Yach spoke about how The Mauerberger Foundation Fund was delighted to continue to implement her grandfather’s vision of creating an environment for the development of ethical leaders, health workers, law, environment and artists amongst others to thrive. Creating the next generation of leaders committed to social justice, plays an important role in the community, ask unpopular questions and working together in everybody’s interest is central to their programme goals. Diana concluded by stating that “alone we can do little but collectively we can do plenty”.

The evening afforded bursary recipients an extraordinary opportunity to thank donors first hand for their generosity. Trevor Lobel, who bravely volunteered to share his story of arriving in South Africa from Zimbabwe and finding himself in a precarious financial position, had no choice but to approach Herzlia for financial aid. He went on to say how although the process was rigorous, applicants were treated with respect and dignity and was appreciative that his daughter Leigh was able to get a world class Jewish education. Leigh Lobel then took the stage and thanked the donors for affording her the gift of a Herzlia education. Aaron Turest-Swartz bravely put a face to the bursary fund to tell his story. Herzlia provided him with the confidence to become the success he is today by never taking no for an answer. “I lived the motto Im Tirzi – if you will it, it is now legend, which is how I founded one of the most successful bands in South Africa Freshly Ground. As a result of other people’s generosity I have always wanted to give back to the community that cared about me and my future.” Aaron serves as the Deputy Director for the UJC.

Guest speaker Marco van Embden, a past pupil, parent and now a proud grandparent in the system personifies the lifecycle of an involved and dedicated alumnus. He spoke passionately about his love of Herzlia and the importance of our generous donors and their on-going contribution Herzlia.

Warren Kaimowitz, Chairman of the Advisory Committee, summed up Herzlia’s gratitude in his speech “Herzlia stands tall as a beacon of light within our community and is ranked as an outstanding institution not only within South Africa, but worldwide. Your positive commitment, contributions and involvement with this exceptional establishment, plays such an integral part in shaping the lives of those that “have” and more importantly, those that “have not”. The Herzlia Foundation Trust plays an integral part in growing our endowment in order to safeguard the future sustainability of our school. These funds play a vital part in providing bursaries for those in need, as well as ensuring that Herzlia remains a Jewish community school, providing educational excellence with world class facilities.”



Department: HFT
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Date: August 4, 2016
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Tax benefits

Tax Benefits of Donating to The Herzlia Foundation Trust

United Herzlia Schools is the sole beneficiary of The Herzlia Foundation Trust PBO No. 930038539

South Africa Donors are eligible for a Section 18 A tax certificate in respect of donation to the Foundation (depending on the terms of the donation within our discretion). Please contact hft@herzlia.com if you require assistance.

United Kingdom Donors can apply for a GiftAid form if they donate through EuroChai SA. Please contact Ralph Frank rjf156@yahoo.com if you require further assistance.

United States of America Donors can receive tax benefit if they donate via the Jewish Community Foundation of San Diego. Please ensure designation of funds is “Friends of Herzlia”.

Canada Donors can receive tax benefits if they donate through UJA Federation of Greater Toronto. Please ensure allocation of funds is written “The Herzlia Foundation Trust” on your donation & tribute form. Please contact Eyal Golan eygolan@ujafed.org if you require further assistance.

Australia Donors can receive tax benefits if they donate through Chai Charitable Foundation.