Our annual Donor Appreciation Event was held in August 2017, to thank all our generous donors.

Photographs captured by Guy Lerner.

The Herzlia Foundation Trust hosted our second Donor Appreciation event on Wednesday 2 August 2017. The evening was an opportunity to for us to acknowledge, recognize and extend our appreciation to our donors and the integral role they play in making a real difference in the life of a Jewish child.

Our donors were also able to hear firsthand, from our special guest speaker Hilary Waters, who bravely shared her story as a recipient of the generosity of The Herzlia Foundation Trust. Donors were given the opportunity to put a face to their donations and understand firsthand the value of providing a Jewish Education to those in need. All too often, donors do not hear directly from recipients the impact these donations have on the lives of those fortunate enough to receive support.

Guest Speaker Sir Mick Davis, President of the Council of Members and Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Jewish Leadership Council of the United Kingdom, spoke passionately about the value of supporting Jewish education around the world. He encouraged our community to extend themselves and continue to work alongside us, in ensuring that no Jewish child is denied a Jewish education for genuine financial reasons.