Our third annual Donor Appreciation Event was held in August 2018, to thank all our generous donors.

Photographs captured by Guy Lerner.

On Wednesday 1 August 2018 donors to The Herzlia Foundation Trust were treated to an evening of ‘Expect the Unexpected” where we celebrated their generosity at our third annual Donor Appreciation Event held in the Herzlia High School Hall. The evening was an opportunity for us to acknowledge, recognize and extend our appreciation to our donors.

The evening, provided the opportunity for the guests to explore and discover HERZLIA through its Five Pillars. Each pillar was represented and shared by both a student and an Alumnus with similar interests but different perspectives, one looking forward with anticipation, and one glancing back with reflection. Each sharing the possibilities, the opportunities and DREAMS. Representing the pillars were Professor Amanda Weltman and Anna Valkin, Academics; Chanan Suiza and Maddie Wingerin Jewish Life and Learning; Mathew Jacobson and Harrison Scherzer, Sport; Lexi Sank and Rebbetzin Ashleigh Goldman, Menschlichkeit and Peter Oki and Cara Saven who spoke about the Arts and Culture Pillar.

Herzlia Middle School pupil Benji Anstey, delivered a powerful message on Jewish education. Mila Smith a Grade 8 pupil, skillfully MC’d the event weaving the stories together and showcasing Herzlia’s excellence.  Entertainment was provided by Alumnus Jeri Silverman who has just returned home after 10 years in New York.  She kept the audience mesmerized with her exceptional vocal and musical skill, performing both a solo and a duet with Herzlia’s Vocal Ensemble.  Under the direction of the remarkable Cantor Ivor Joffe the Vocal Ensemble produced a world-class performance which kept the audience spellbound and applauding for more!

The Herzlia Foundation Trust appreciates each and every person, who through their philanthropic generosity, affords Jewish children the opportunity to make their dreams come true by being part of an extraordinary educational system that becomes the foundation for exceptional people in every area of life.