This year the Informal JLL launched the Magen David Project. This project aims to help students become all-rounded and Jewishly engaged menschen

The Magen David project is one of the most exciting Jewish identity upliftment programmes that has been done in years at Herzlia. This project aims to help students become all-rounded and Jewishly engaged Menschen. 

The Magen David is a 6 pointed star and as such each point on the star has been linked to something, namely: Chesed/outreach, Tefillah, Jewish Learning, Zionism, Leadership & School Spirit. Students had to engage with each point on the star and complete certain criteria per a point. 

The results were phenomenal, many students opted into this wonderful project. We would like to commend the 9 students who fully completed their Magen David badges and showed exemplary leadership in taking on and completing the 6 points of the Magen David Project. 

  • Grade 7: Zach Daniel
  • Grade 8: Jessica Sherman, David Buys
  • Grade 9: Sarah Allardice, Katie Brozen, Leo Franck, Aiden Kusevitsky, Ethan Werb and Noah Zive

It must be noted that there were many more students who managed to achieve an impressive amount of points for their stars. We look forward to awarding them their badges in the upcoming graduation ceremonies. 

Students particularly enjoyed the learning sessions in which various JLL staff members gave over short sessions in which students were engaged and given the opportunity to ask and learn about any topic for their Jewish growth and learning. Furthermore, Chesed was another of the favorite points for the students. As a result of Covid this was the most complicated point on the star. However, they managed to navigate their way through Covid restrictions and achieve great heights in contributing to the greater community. 

Ways in which students made this happen was, to make sandwiches for the poor, volunteer for life saving, writing notes for Highlands house and kids in hospital and packing for JCS. 

We are so looking forward to the future of the Magen David project and cannot wait to take it to new heights. 

This year we had a number of students opt to take part in the programme and we are excited to award badges to those who complete it.