“Future Thinking” is an interactive learning and networking session for Jewish day school staff from United Herzlia Schools, Cape Town Torah High, Phyllis Jowell Jewish Day School and Sinai Academy. The first pilot event was held Town on 28 August 2022.


Educators and staff from all of Cape Town’s Jewish day schools were invited to the Kaplan Centre at UCT for an afternoon of networking, learning and collaboration.


The event was organised by members of the Eliot Osrin Leadership Institute (EOLI)

Leadership Development Programme 2022 cohort as part of an action learning project.


Four Herzlia staff are currently enrolled in the programme, but this specific project was organised by Lauren Sweidan (Herzlia Foundation Trust Manager) and Bernard Frauenknecht (High School Biology Teacher and Head of Grade 8).


The idea behind the pilot was to break down silos between the schools and allow teachers and staff to meet one another and learn from each other.


Four speakers, one representing each school, gave a short talk followed by questions, networking and refreshments.


The speakers were asked speak on, “How we’re solving it” sharing how they are running/solving a successful project or initiative at their schools.


Talks included:


  1. Michael Vorster, Head of Innovation at United Herzlia Schools on “ Using technology to find innovative and authentic solutions to edicational challenges”
  2. Zeesy Deren, Director of Sinai Academy Jewish International School and cape Town Torah High on “Exploring mindfulness & meditation in Jewish education”
  3. Mandy Katz, Counsellor & Resilience Coach at Cape Town Torah High on “iheart – education teenagers on why they think, feel and behave the way they do”
  4. Theo Thomas, Principal of Phyllis Jowell Day School on “culture and kindness”


Feedback from the pilot has been very positive and many of those who attended have asked when the next event will be held.