Herzlia Foundation Trust & Alumni Association launch the Alumni i-Campaign

Herzlia Foundation Trust & Alumni Association launch the Alumni i-Campaign

The Herzlia Foundation Trust and Alumni Association recently launched a four-month social media campaign encouraging alumni to donate to the Herzlia Foundation Trust whose sole beneficiary is United Herzlia Schools.

The campaign’s objective is to hopefully reach the bursary target for 2022 which is R10,65m.

The Herzlia Foundation Trust was created to futureproof United Herzlia Schools ensuring that every Jewish child has access to a Jewish education regardless of their life circumstance.

The campaign revolves around a wordplay that focuses on the letter I in the word alumni. Highlighting the letter “I” makes the word alumni more personal. Making it personal, will hopefully encourage alumni to think back on their school career and remember how Herzlia shaped them and laid the foundation for who they’ve become. With memories rekindled it may encourage them to invest in Herzlia and invest in future Alumni.

The I also forms part of a bigger we, because Herzlia is a Jewish community school it means that educators, staff and parents work as a collective to get the best performance out of each pupil and prepare them for the future.

The campaign was launched with an email and video asking alumni to pick the “i-choose” option that resonates best for them:

Alumnchoose to be the change
AlumnI choose to donate
Alumnchoose to volunteer

Many alumni who now live overseas come back to visit the high school campus and this is what Darryl Schaffer from the class of 1987 had to say: “It’s amazing to see all the progress, and the calm, friendly, and family-like atmosphere…and the breadth of opportunity for all. The visit brought back a ton of great memories and solidified the role I know Herzlia played in providing an incredible foundation for me.”

If alumni continue to feel connected to Herzlia throughout their life and think back to their time with fond memories, they may choose to care, choose to be the change, and choose to donate. This will hopefully ensure the future sustainability and continuity of the school and the larger Cape Town Jewish community as a whole.



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Tax benefits

Tax Benefits of Donating to The Herzlia Foundation Trust

United Herzlia Schools is the sole beneficiary of The Herzlia Foundation Trust PBO No. 930038539

South Africa Donors are eligible for a Section 18 A tax certificate in respect of donation to the Foundation (depending on the terms of the donation within our discretion). Please contact hft@herzlia.com if you require assistance.

United Kingdom Donors can apply for a GiftAid form if they donate through EuroChai SA. Please contact Ralph Frank rjf156@yahoo.com if you require further assistance.

United States of America Donors can receive tax benefit if they donate via the Jewish Community Foundation of San Diego. Please ensure designation of funds is “Friends of Herzlia”.

Canada Donors can receive tax benefits if they donate through UJA Federation of Greater Toronto. Please ensure allocation of funds is written “The Herzlia Foundation Trust” on your donation & tribute form. Please contact Eyal Golan eygolan@ujafed.org if you require further assistance.

Australia Donors can receive tax benefits if they donate through Chai Charitable Foundation.