2020 is a milestone year as United Herzlia Schools celebrates 80 years of excellence!

Education is evolving at an astonishing rate. In order to remain relevant, Herzlia has to constantly move with the changing needs of society and this all comes at a cost. We, at The Herzlia Foundation Trust, are very aware that a Herzlia education is a privilege that not everyone can afford.

As we begin preparations for our 80th birthday, we have been tasked to raise R80 million over the next three years in order for The Herzlia Foundation Trust to truly future-proof Jewish education here at Herzlia. All funds raised for this campaign will be allocated to our Endowment Fund which future-proofs Jewish education by ensuring that no Jewish child will be denied a Jewish education for genuine financial reasons.

This is an opportunity for you to be part of the solution by committing to our 80th Fundraising campaign – every amount counts!

Below is a breakdown of the various donor levels and how your support will be acknowledged on our donor boards. Your support will make Jewish children’s dreams at Herzlia come true!

*South African, UK, USA and Canadian donors are eligible for tax deduction in respect of donations to The Herzlia Foundation Trust. Secure your support and make a real difference in the life of a Jewish child – every amount counts!

Become a patron
R1 Million+
Diamond donor
R500 000 - R999 000
Platinum donor
R230 000 - R499 000
Gold donor
R80 000 - R249 000
Silver donor
R18 000 - R79 000
Blue donor
R180/MONTH UP TO R17 999

The Philip and Michele Krawitz Charitable Trust


The Raymond Ackerman Foundation

Silver donors

The Hyman Goldberg Foundation
Eliot and Myra Osrin Charitable Trust
Isidore Choritz Charitable Trust
Warren and Karen Kaimowitz


Lior Sareli
Nathan Brajtman
Abe Sank
David Resnick
Abigail Bisogno
Jonathan Raichman
Boris Kozhanow
Victoria Gaylis