2020 is a milestone year as United Herzlia Schools celebrates 80 years of excellence!

Education is evolving at an astonishing rate. In order to remain relevant, Herzlia has to constantly move with the changing needs of society and this all comes at a cost. We, at The Herzlia Foundation Trust, are very aware that a Herzlia education is a privilege that not everyone can afford.

As we begin preparations for our 80th birthday, we have been tasked to raise R80 million over the next three years in order for The Herzlia Foundation Trust to truly future-proof Jewish education here at Herzlia. All funds raised for this campaign will be allocated to our Endowment Fund which future-proofs Jewish education by ensuring that no Jewish child will be denied a Jewish education for genuine financial reasons.

This is an opportunity for you to be part of the solution by committing to our 80th Fundraising campaign – every amount counts!

Below is a breakdown of the various donor levels and how your support will be acknowledged on our donor boards. Your support will make Jewish children’s dreams at Herzlia come true!

The acknowledgement below reflect gifts made to the school for the 80th campaign from 01 July 2019.

*South African, UK, USA and Canadian donors are eligible for tax deduction in respect of donations to The Herzlia Foundation Trust. Secure your support and make a real difference in the life of a Jewish child – every amount counts!

Become a patron
R1 Million+
Diamond donor
R500 000 - R999 000
Platinum donor
R250 000 - R499 000
Gold donor
R80 000 - R249 000
Silver donor
R18 000 - R79 000
Blue donor
R180/MONTH UP TO R17 999

We acknowledge all our anonymous donors with gratitude
David and Liz Bengis
The Philip and Michele Krawitz Charitable Trust
Wilfred & Fay Back Charitable Trust
The Eric and Sheila Samson Foundation
Robert and Talya Franco
The Harold and Beatrice Kramer Foundation


We acknowledge all our anonymous donors with gratitude
David and Marilyn Friedland
King David Sports Trust


The Kurt and Joey Strauss Foundation
The Raymond Ackerman Foundation
The Mauerberger Foundation Fund
The Arthur, David and Percy Karbet Fund
Lance & Kim Katz and Family
The Susman Charitable Foundation
The Abe Barron Charitable Trust
The David Graaff Foundation
Stone Family


We acknowledge all our anonymous donors with gratitude
Sophia and Katya Golan
Alison and Howard Katzeff and Family
Jonathan and Patti Kagan
Mark and Patty Edelstein
The Philip Schock Charitable and Educational Foundation
Eddy, Jennith and Ronen Oblowitz
Leor and Suzanne Attie and Family
Leon and Beverley Cohen Charitable Fund
The Goldschmidt Family Foundation The Kalman, Esther & Michael Maisel Fund
The Tamric Trust – Cedric & Nadine Glick, Denise & Alan Bryer & Adele Glick
Richard & Joanne Goldstein and family
In memory of Jacob Rueben “Joe” Abel
In loving memory of our parents Lester Maisel, Zelda and David Goldberg, from Lyn and Louis Goldberg
Gary and Tamara Davidson
Isidore Choritz Charitable Trust
The Stanley & Zea Lewis Foundation

Silver donors

We acknowledge all our anonymous donors with gratitude
Abe and Leina Sank
Balfour and Connie Valkin
Barry and Karen Friedman and Family
David and Judy Nurek
Eliot and Myra Osrin Charitable Trust
Ian and Vanessa Neuburger and Family
In memory of Jacob Reuben
In memory of Lilly and Solly Levin
In memory of our mother Rebecca (Bex) Morris, From Henri, Jonathan and David
Jack and Leorah Rechtman Levin – Houston, Tx. USA
In loving memory of a very special man Raymond Effune – Sean & Lee-Ann Effune and family
Gary, Martine, Ben & Amy Vogelman
Loren and Colin Goldstein
Borok family
In honor of my mom Annette Teperson
In honor of Philip and Michele Krawitz
Robin & Tanya Chorn In honour of Ariella and Daniel Chorn
The Rosenhalf Trust
Lisa Farber and Justin Liberman and family (Melbourne, Australia)

Marc, Tammy and Gabi Balkin
Matthew and Carri Gruzd and Family
Richard and Joanne Goldstein and Family
Robin and Tanya Chorn
Stellenbosch Hebrew Congregation
The Ann Kreitzer Will Trust
The Natster
The Sareli Family
Warren and Karen Kaimowitz
The Rachel & Jimmy Palmetto Fund
The Harry and Bertha Tuch Fund
The Jack & Ethel Goldin Foundation
Kurgan Family
Mark and Patty Edelstein
Michael and Leora Sternberg
Felder family
Nadine Bukmuz
Neil Kursan
Alexandra, Libby & Serena Lazard
The Rubi & Anne Chaitman Foundation
Dalya and Trevor Abromowitz
Worcester Property Trust


We acknowledge all our anonymous donors with gratitude
Allyson Miller and Family
Bailey and Kane Jackson-Klotz
Barnett Family
Beinart Family
Dalia Margalit-Faircloth and Family
David and Fern Jaffe
David and Lyn Resnick and Family
David Milun and Family
Estate Late Harry Allschwang
Felder Family
Juliana and Mila Krupp
Richard Mendelsohn
Gavin, Haley, Zack and Raquel Rogoff
Geffroy Family
Gregory and Anthea Canes
Ian Cohen
In honor of The Class of 1962
In loving memory of Michelle Wienburg
In memory of Lawrence Miller
Ivor Joffe
Jack Stoltzman
Jared Gottschalk
Jonathan Leslie
Jonny Borok
Kessel Family
Kozhanow Family
My Late Parents Guta and Harry Raskin
Tanya Scop
Reznik Family
Black Family
Neville & Pam Berman
In memory of Markus Jacobs
Israelson Family
Daitz Family
In memory of Graeme Brickman
Michael Rink
Samantha Ezro
In memory of Gita Lison
In memory of Alan Tucker
Debbie Cohen
Allyson and Ivan Miller and family
Zuckerman family
Barry Varkel Consulting
In memory of my father, Harold Myers
In memory of my brother Charles Rosenthal
Chesler Family
In memory of Elly – Joy Kaimowitz
In loving memory of Debbie Ginsberg and Rinah Smith
Russell Cohn, Sandra Amaro, Meryl Cohn in the name of my late brother Michael Cohn and late dad Peter Cohn
My late parents Nechama & Efrain Malkin
Freda & Hymie Goldberg

Levi, Noah and Ella Herson
Lior and Lianne Woznica and children
Mark and Lauren Todes
Mark Varkul
Michael and Charlene Pinn
Michael Levick
Michelle Benjamin (nee Kastan)
Natalie Levi
Nathan and Pearl-Anne Margalit
Sandy Tonkil and Family
Sharon & David Westerman, Atlanta. In memory of Abe & Dora Westerman
Stacey and David Urbach (Varkul) and Family
Stan Krawitz
Stuart Kantor – May the Herzlia wonder years never cease
The Rubi and Anne Chaitman Foundation
Anton Jaffe
Joel Serman
Paul and Aviva Sulcas
Brian and Adele Goldberg and Family
Ronnie Gotkin
Gerald and Ashna Diamond
Miriam and Nic Goodwin
Michael and Lindi Rudnicki and Family
Lara Kaganson Krug
Keschner Family
Bertha Solsky
Ryan Jankelowitz
Sharon Cohen
Lara Friedman
Greg Magid
In memory of Elaine Goss
Clive Fortes
In memory of Meyer Katz
Phelps Family
Matthew Plax
Lisa Abrahams Ward & Family
Rogoff family
In memory of my brother Ivan Kaimowitz
Gary & Sharin Nathan
Paddy & Judith  (‘utie”) Richardson
Kaplinski family
Worcester Hebrew Congregation
Selwyn and Reina Fabian
Walter Rogoff
Leigh Savage Levine & Family
Michael and Charlene Pinn
Ruderman Family Foundation
Charles Cesman
In memory of my father Eli Braude
Saacks – Los Angeles
Chava Newcombe
Novis family
Class of 1975 Project

Rael and Caroline Kaimowitz
In memory of Jeffrey Kleinman
Sebba Hanson
In memory of John (Mousie) Cohen
In honour of Shirley and Solly Singer
Gadi Levin
In memory of Karol Bernstein
In memory of Cecily Aviv Sluzny
Steve, Debbie, Noah and Zoe Arelisky
In honour of my father Jack Sher
Yudelman Family
Shua & Hanna Green & family
Eden Hessen
Gabi (Toube) Medalie & family
The Sternberg Family
The Gawronsky Family
The Leon & Sybil Wilder Fund
In memory of my parents – Sorrel Hofmann
George Abrahams
Amanda Lynn
Ben Rabin
Michelle Stein
In memory of Mark Saunders
Stan Chasen
In honour of Herzlia
Neville Samuels
Bella Silverman
Gary Berger
Isidore Choritz charitable Trust
In memory of Mark Reinhardt
In memory of my father Dr Basil Solomon
Michael Rink
In memory of Chaim Agasi
Ian and Susan Lipman
Geoff Cohen, Amanda Zar & Tracy Klass for their outstanding contribution to Herzlia and Jewish Education
Karen and Barry Friedman and family
Russel Luck
My children, Rachel & Jedd Solomon
Carol zl
Richard Freedman
Rabin Family
My parents and son Obo
Abramowitz family fund
Darryl Schaffer
Marcia and Benjamin Samakosky
In honor of my barmitzvah. Adam Kaimowitz
Evelyn Shaban
Elana Castle in memory of her father Arnold Castle
Daniel Dickman
Bloch family
Charles Gurland
In memory of Eleanore Sylvia Chinn