1 in 8
Jewish pupils at Herzlia received financial assistance in 2022.
R137 460
Funds one pupils High School fees in 2022.
R13 380 000
The value of financial support provided in 2021 with a budget of R14 000 000 for 2022.
Future-proof United Herzlia Schools by building the Endowment Fund to ensure that no Jewish child is denied a Jewish education for genuine financial reasons; and that Herzlia remains an affordable Jewish community school providing educational excellence with world-class facilities.


Your donation will make a real difference in the life of a Jewish child. The endowment fund consists of the Bursary Fund; the Teachers Fund and the Capital Fund.

Bursary Fund

13% of Jewish pupils who attend Herzlia require financial support through Bursaries. Bursaries are funded from donations to The Herzlia Foundation Trust’s endowment, as well as an allocation received from the United Jewish Campaign (UJC).

Teachers Fund

Herzlia has over 200 dedicated and passionate educators across its 6 schools. Funds generated from the Teachers Fund are used to attract and retain outstanding educators in order to ensure that Herzlia provides educational excellence and remains a world-class Jewish community school.

Capital Fund

The Capital Fund was created to assist United Herzlia Schools with funding for major capital projects that include the building and renovating of campus facilities or school infrastructure.

Support United Herzlia Schools to remain a Jewish community school providing educational excellence.


  • Extension Programme
  • Inclusion Programme
  • Facilitators Fund

Our beneficiary United Herzlia Schools is a proudly inclusive school supporting children with both barriers to learning and those that require academic extension.

Herzlia recognizes that ‘education’ means the development of the whole child emotionally, socially, intellectually, physically and spirituality and designs their curriculum to include these aspects. Children make the most progress in an inclusive environment which respects everyone’s individual strengths and weaknesses. The Herzlia Foundation Trust supports the costs of providing inclusion in the schools by raising funds for facilities, equipment, testing & learning materials, educator training and facilitators.

United Herzlia Schools provides in classroom facilitators to many children in the Inclusion Programme. The Herzlia Foundation Trust raises funds for Jewish children who need financial assistance with this educational support. The annual cost for the Facilitators Fund is in the region of R 500 000 per annum. This is our greatest area of need within the Inclusion Programme.

Jewish Life & Learning

  • Hebrew
  • Jewish Life Programmes
  • Tours to Israel


  • Equipment
  • National Sports Tours
  • Coaches

Arts & Culture

  • Music
  • Visual Arts
  • Performing Arts


  • Running costs for programmes

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לימוד אקדמי
Limmud Akademi
Jewish Life
חיים יהודיים
Chayim Yehudi’im
Arts & Culture
אמנות ותרבות
Omanut Vetarbut
דרך ארץ
Derech Eretz