Herzlia Announced Top SA Performing NSC School 

Herzlia Announced Top SA Performing NSC School 

The 2020 matric results are massively exciting and a cause for celebration. At the same time, it has also been quite a humbling experience. It has drawn into acute focus, the need to balance celebration with humility and actively appreciate how fortunate we are.

To appreciate the community we come from, the community that supports the UHS and the community that the UHS feeds. Also to appreciate and acknowledge the tremendous dedication of staff, management, support staff, our board and our trustees – all of whom voluntarily give back to their community and dedicate thousands of hours and input into our educational offering.

The results are especially outstanding considering we are an academically inclusive school and that several of our peer schools in the top 10 are stronger financially and have academic entrance criteria. Every student who wrote for a bachelor’s pass obtained one.

Whilst I am incredibly pleased about the academic success, it’s just one of Herzlia’s five pillars and this achievement is the result of all 5 pillars working together as UHS offers a holistic education, for the whole child. Our teachers teach from 18 months to 18 years, that’s our philosophy.

Herzlia’s Matric Class of 2020 has been acknowledged for their academic success, but they really stand out for their values of menschlichkeit. As a group, they faced Covid challenges together, they celebrated as one. For them, it was a team effort.

Now, we are a quarter way through 2021 and the focus shifts to welcoming in our new matric class of 2021 as well as new and current pupils from preschool and throughout.

Gardesmatch started recording their school analyses 6 years ago. In 2019, Herzlia ranked for the first time ever at number 6th so it’s an impressive achievement to have reached the #1 spot in 2020 – now we need to maintain this!

For Herzlia, and the CTJ community: we’re a community school… this community asset is in good hands. It’s a communal resource, community funded, open to all in the community and is delivering value according to its mandate. It’s not a B choice, it’s an A choice! The community as a whole is increasingly grateful, they see something they like. We are receiving letters of gratitude, which outnumbering letters of complaint. We’ve recently received some unsolicited donations, in Covid! People are connecting with the UHS, and want to be a part of what the school’s doing. This organization speaks to excellence. It is going through changes. Results are showing that these changes are necessary. The school needs to plan succession of its management, it needs to be financially sustainable and remain relevant for generations to come. Matric is one focus, we are equally focused on baby group kids of the class of 2038/39.

This is a very happy time in school’s history. Its wonderful Herzlia is being recognized amongst its peers without a “but” or an apology.

This is the UHS’s 80th year… the school exists due to foresight of those who founded it 80 years ago.  80 years later it is still producing excellent results. It operates in a difficult space. It’s an independent school, religious based, with the perception that’s its wealthy (factually untrue). This isn’t unique to our matrics: every learner who didn’t have a computer and / or data throughout the lockdown was provided with one – from the school’s resources and private individuals. No one was left behind. This played out in our matric results.

Covid balanced this out. Our kids competed on a level playing field and really shone!!

Matthew Gruzd

Herzlia Chair, Board or Governors


Photo credit: Tracey Adams African News Agency (ANA)


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