Jewish Life and Learning (JLL) has two components – a formal curriculum – Jewish Learning – which takes place in the classroom and is assessed as a formal subject. The second component is Jewish Life which comprises a wide range of informal programmes; shabbatons, pupil dinners, guest speakers, celebrating chaggim and the flagship Grade 11 Discover Programme. As a nation, we embrace education but it’s vitally important that we translate our learning opportunities in the classroom into a positive, Jewish way of life.

JLL is the fundamental pillar around which Herzlia was established. Through it, we encourage a positive Jewish experience by, encouraging and developing the following Jewish principles:

  • L’dor va Dor passing on our legacy to the next generation
  • Betzelim Elohim all humans are created equally in G-d’s image
  • Manhigut leadership
  • Ahavat Yisrael love of Israel

JLL aims to provide high-quality Judaic education for our pupils and to have a strong and positive sense of Jewish identity which is rooted both cognitively and effectively in all knowledge of Judaism. Through this, we ensure that each of our pupils develops a sense of belonging and responsibility to Klal Ysrael.

The JLL team comprises formal Jewish Studies teachers and the informal Judaic and Zionist departments that serve our schools. Our Campus Rabbi, Sean Cannon, provides oversight, direction and spiritual leadership for the Herzlia family. Our integrated curriculum that connects Pre-school to Matric, increases in both depth and sophistication as pupil’s progress through the grades.

The aim is to encourage intellectual and spiritual curiosity and give pupils a dynamic framework to explore and engage with Judaism and Zionism.

The vision is to provide a quality Jewish education that is engaging, challenging, interesting and inspirational.