Numerous luxury brands, sports brands, and even mass-market retailers have already claimed their land in the Metaverse by creating their own NFT art galleries. As they open locations in these virtual spaces under the form of online NFT sales and NFT art galleries, we understand the new, innovative and powerful windows of visibility the Metaverse can provide.

We are so proud to announce that are one of the few schools, worldwide, to have recently unveiled our Metaverse NFT art gallery. The Grade 12 art exhibition is a rite of passage for our Grade 12s as they leave school to take their place in the community. Each pupils’ exhibition reflects their individual journey: their influences, challenges, experiments and ideas.

Our Metaverse exhibition aims to share the magic of the art classroom as a place for play, experimentation, growth and learning. We are enormously proud of the bravery and investment of our pupils. Using your computer or smartphone (or a virtual reality headset), you can have a virtual stroll around the online NFT gallery to see and buy NFT art in our Class of 2022 NFT art collection. You can purchase them directly by clicking on the NFT that catches your eye!

Our Metaverse Gallery was curated and created in conjunction with Lauren Palte, the Matric art class of 2022, and Leora Hessen (MY 1992) who specialises in Web3 & Metaverse development.

Please visit the gallery here

If you do not have a Spatial account, you will join the room automatically and be prompted to enter your name, then create a free account.


Keyboard controls

– Use your WASD keys to move forward, backward, and side to side

– Alternatively, use your arrow keys to move your avatar

– Use your Q and E keys to rotate your perspective

– Use the Spacebar to jump for joy!

– Use hotkeys 1-5 to try out different movements (i.e., cheer and churn butter) and the C key to clap

Mouse/Trackpad Controls

– Click to teleport to a spot in the room

– Click and drag your mouse to rotate your perspective

– Scroll or pinch to zoom in and out

The link to just the marketplace on its own: