Mazaltovs and Condolences

Mazaltovs and Condolences



David Nathan (MY 2010) and Clara (nee Adler) a daughter Adina in the UK

Danielle (nee Kaplan) (MY 2008) and Brandon Katz a daughter Mila Sage

Josh Todes (MY 2009) and Dani (nee Victor) a son Leo Samuel

Jonathan Stein (MY 1998) and Sheri-Lee (nee Bernstein) a daughter Giorgia Ella

Glen Rabinowitz (MY 2010) and Jayde (nee Kaftel) a son Ethan Luca in Johannesburg

Darren Salkinder (MY 2006) and Natasha (nee Eidelman) a son Jonathan Alexander

Ayton Hack (MY 2007) and Dani (nee Pieterkosky) (MY 2006) a son Uri Raphael Hack

Dalya (nee Salkinder) (MY 2008) and Dean Levin a son Rowan in Johannesburg

Lara (nee Gnesin) (MY 2008) and Marcello Miscia  a son Maximilian Mikha’el Miscia.

Alix (nee Reingold) (MY 2010) Jared Epstein (MY 2006) a daughter Rayne

Kay-Lee (nee Barr) (MY 2007) and Jonathan Franco a daughter Jamie 

Francesco (nee Favero) (MY 2009) and Gilad Amar a son Ezra Rueben

Sarah and Jordy Sank (MY 2010) a daughter  Ava Ora in Joburg

Romi (nee Stoch) (MY 2008) and Ilan Godin a son Ryder Jax in Australia

Rael (MY 1989) and Nicole Landau a son Zev in Joburg

Shayne (nee Saacks) (MY 2007) and Alon Even – Tov a son Kedem in Israel

Hella (nee Boruchowitz)(MY 2012) and Brent Chernotsky (MY 2009) a son Ezra 

Jade (nee Goodman) (MY 2009) and Anthony Silber (MY 2005)  a daughter Olivia Ryan

Jade (nee Levy) (MY 2008) and Ryan Stein (MY 2001) a daughter 



Martine Sandler (MY 2013) to Stuart Norrie (MY 2012)

Leigh Hessen (MY 2009) to Cuan Cones

Linda Soriano (MY 2008) to Ben Yager in London

Eytan Labe (MY 2019) to Hannah Midzuk

Lindie Polliack (MY 1984) to Malcolm Finkenstein

Dalit Anstey (MY 2011) to Jordan Cohen (MY 2010)

Raphael Nathan (MY 2018) and Noah Wenger

Gavriel Labe (MY 2019) and Chana Waintraub

Ella Joffe (MY 2016) and Kobe Kleiner



Grant Gischen (MY 2008) and Talia Jacobs

Benjamin Weiner (MY 2010) and Georgia Kaufman

Joshua Lutzno (MY 2009) and Michelle Levy

Gavin Horwitz (MY 2007) and Maya Grosberg from Manchester

Maddie Erin Wingerin (MY 2018) and Eitan Chipkin in Johannesburg

Safra Eisenberg (MY 2014) and Ben Schechter

Ronen Cohen (MY 2000) and Adva Dichter in Israel

Rhett Romain (MY 2005) and Jade Fransman

Gabriella Gold (MY 2014) and Rory Edward Gibson



David Miller (MY 1962)

Gary Eisenberg (MY 1982)






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Menschlichkeit in action!

Menschlichkeit is a stand-alone Pillar to highlight its importance, but it also permeates all aspects of our school life.

UHS Chairman’s Award 2024

This award honours those who have made an extraordinary contribution to the life and well-being of the greater Herzlia community.

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