Mazaltovs and Condolences

Mazaltovs and Condolences



Ryan (MY 2003) and Natalia Rabinowitz a daughter in London

Deborah (nee Karabus) (MY 2003) and Stuart Edelstein (MY (2001) a daughter

Rabbi Nissen Goldman and Ariella (nee Gawronsky) (MY 2011) a daughter Chana Mushka Goldman

Micaela (nee Bendix) (MY 2011) and Daniel Tadmor (MY 2009) a son

Adam (MY 1997) and Andrea Mendelsohn a son Ben Mendelsohn

Carla (nee Goldstein) (MY 2004) and Dan Golding a son

Deana (nee Alter) (MY 2007) and Daniel Blaser (MY 2007) a son

Dalya Abromowitz (nee Levin) (MY 2008) and Trevor Abromowitz a son

Leon Mayo (MY 2002) and Martine Mayo (nee Israele) a daughter Lilly

Benji Dadon (MY 2000) and Gina Dadon (nee Itzikowitz) a son Levi Judah 

Joshua Raizon (MY 2004) and Lori Raizon (nee Feldman) (MY 2009) a son in London

Tamara Guinsberg (MY 2004) and Avi Barit a son

Jessica Apfel (MY 2007) and Josh Apfel a son

Shaun Stoch (MY 2002) and Raphaella Stoch a son in Canada

Lori (nee Cape) (MY 2009) and Jaime Trope a daughter



Alon Bresler ( MY 2011) to Lauren Brown

Tayla Goldberg (MY 2015)  to Gary Finkelstein (MY 2013)

Romy Talia Bloch (MY 2015) to Dean Cohen (MY 2015)

Hilah Laskov (MY 2001) to Jonny Sachar

Laura Wener (MY 2005) engaged to Theo Moyo

Safra Eisenberg (MY 2014) to Ben Schechter in Israel

Kayla Koping (MY 2014) to Arik Katz

Nicole Margolius (MY 2005) to Jason Mayo 

Abigail Gotlieb (my 2009) to Saul Jordan



Harriet Shapiro (MY 1989) to Laurence Slotow

Shaun Reznik (MY 2004) to Dani Malkin

Michelle Stein (MY 1999) to Dostai Cahen

Tammy Fabian (MY 2003) to Henry Straigman in Buenos Aires

Simone Metz (MY 2013) to Lee Brooks

Demi Sher (MY 2017) to Zachary Rosenberg

Oren Katzeff (MY 2009) to Talia Howard in Israel

Alexandra Cohen (MY 2005) to Alex Dotsch in London

Lawrence Nates (MY 2009) to Fabianne

Melissa Braude (MY 2005) and Gareth Louw

Raoul Coscia (MY 1980) and Nicole Merdjan

Daniel Yach (MY 2010) and Jessica Parr

Joshua Goldberg (MY 2015) and Ariella Avigayil Swartz



Alison Katzeff 

Jeremy Jowell (MY 1978)

Daryn Sennett (MY 1993)

David Gordon (MY 1988)

Isidore Arelisky (MY 1960)


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2023 Matric Valedictory

Herzlia’s Matric Class of 2023’s Valedictory marks a significant milestone in their Herzlia school journey!

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