Menschlichkeit is a Yiddish word that refers to all the qualities of being a “mensch”- a moral and honourable person of good character and who behaves with common decency (Derech Eretz).

Qualities (Middot) of Menschlichkeit are rooted in core Jewish values and can be constantly nurtured and developed.

Learning to embody and exhibit these values builds strength of character, enabling individuals to compassionately understand themselves, positively relate to others, and to successfully navigate the world around them. Being a mensch brings meaning and purpose, and enhances every aspect of our daily lives.

The most effective way to educate about Menschlichkeit is to be a mensch oneself.

Respect – Kavod – כבוד
Fairness – Tzedek – צדק
Humility – Anavah – ענווה
Gratitude –  Hakarat Hatov – הכרת הטוב
Kindness – Chesed – חסד
Integrity – Yoshrah – יושרה
Compassion – Rachamim – רחמים
Responsibility – Achrayut – אחריות
Leadership – Manhigut – מנהיגות
Community – Kehillah – קהילה