For the second time this year we have had the amazing opportunity to take Herzlia pupils as participants of the prestigious President’s Award on their adventurous journey. Due to the school lockdown, this hike, which had been scheduled for June was moved to October, and weather-wise this was definitely a blessing. Unlike the previous hike on Cape Point Peninsula, this hike had students from both Bronze and Silver levels of the programme meaning that the bronze students completed 24km over 2 days, and the Silver level participants completed 48km over 3 days.This time we completed the hike on Table Mountain, beginning at Constantia Nek and traversing many beautiful ravines, peaks and passing dams and passing spectacular fynbos as we hiked. The scout hut was our base for the hike where we chatted, drank hot chocolate, played UNO and Monopoly Deal after our 6 hrs of daily hiking. As you can imagine, hiking such distances is challenging and I was blessed to witness the grit and determination of our students in overcoming their challenges and fears. The following students are to be commended on their achievements:
Sabina Kerton, Silver level Hike (50km)
Shay-Lee Geva, Bronze level (24km)
Talia Varkel Bronze Level (24KM)
Judd Jocum, Bronze Level (24km)
Amy Gluckman, Bronze level (24km)
Ella Videtsky, Bronze level (24km)
Jenna Cohn, Silver level
Jemma Zelter, Silver level