By Jenna Zetler, SLC and Head of JLL Committee

This Purim was unlike no other. Herzlia High school had the privilege of uniting with our fellow primary schools, Herzlia Weizman and Herzlia Highlands. It was a joyous and meaningful day spent together as one big Herzlia family. As I walked around, laughter filled the air and smiles beamed from everyone’s faces. Watching Matrics interact with grades as young as Grade 1 spreading the Purim joy was a memorable sight. We all dressed up in our funky outfits – leaving no room for anything but good spirits and immense Jewish pride.

We started our day by fulfilling one of the mitzvot of Purim – listening to the Megillah. The girls had the opportunity to go to an all-female reading of Megillat Esther. With an exceptional turnout filling our Herzlia Beit Midrash shul – it was a massive hit!

This was followed by our annual Purim outfit parade to showcase our outfits in a fun and exciting way that involved winning prizes. During break every pupil received delicious hamantashen, leaving everyone running back for seconds. After break, the high school pupils had the opportunity to work as a team in our mentor groups learning about the mitzvot, lessons and the story of Purim while the primary school pupils made Raashanim.

We then united with the Herzlia Primary Schools in the hall to fulfil the mitzvot of packing and making mishloach manot which we later donated. I found this interaction highly rewarding, helping the primary school kids pack and decorate each mishloach manot with love was a bonding experience I will cherish forever. We can’t forget about the epic dance party before the highly anticipated Purim Carnival. Everyone had the opportunity to go to various stations such as the inflated rocket, inflated challenge tournament, surf simulator, mechanical bull, carnival strength game, dunk tank, 360 photo booth and bumper cars. After hours of fun, we said goodbye to our Herzlia primary school family and had an incredible LED light show followed by the Senior Leadership Committee (SLC) Purim play. All in all, this Purim was one for the books filled with passionate spirit from every single grade across six schools and four campuses. This was a Purim that the entire Herzlia family will remember forever.