A bold new initiative at UHS aims to take our vision of Jewish education to a whole new frontier: ‘It’s not only about the children” says Rabbi Sam, “it’s about the family. Without the parents, the school can only partly achieve the aim of inspiring the children with their Jewish Education.”

Parents excitedly responded to the “HP” project – “Herzlia Parents discovering their Higher Power” run by the dynamic duo Zeesy Deren (the Blouberg-based co-founder of ‘Echad – Jewish Mindfulness and Meditation’) and Haley Rogoff (an inspired Herzlia parent, and founder of ‘Live Inspired’.)

An uplifting evening on March 22nd in the newly renovated gorgeous Staff Lounge engaged parents’ soul strings around Spiritual purpose in Life and connecting on a spiritual level with Hashem.

Zeesy challenged everyone to reframe their experience of the Shema with a thoughtful meditation, and some parents wondered why they had never learned this before.

This sparked a lively and passionate debate around our children’s prayer engagement and interest, which led right to Rabbi Sam sharing a new initiative on precisely this subject with a creative approach to prayers at UHS that would appeal to every type of child.

“Just remember,” Rabbi Sam concluded, “sometimes we need to re-engage as adults because we’re developmentally on a new plane.”

And that’s exactly why HP has just begun.

We hope to see you there.