We can’t predict their future.

But we can shape it.


We’ve been around for a while.

Over 80 years, in fact. While our façade has changed and our goals have evolved, one thing remains the same. Our responsibility to our children, their families, the community, and the world. A responsibility to create a space that sets pupils up for success in every season of their life.

Culture meets innovation.

By remembering, honouring and celebrating the Jewish heritage, identity and culture that makes us who we are, while actively learning, engaging and adapting so we can keep ahead in this ever-evolving modern world: we set our pupils up to be kind and strong. Compassionate and confident. Selfless and driven.

Every pupil matters.

It’s our responsibility to make sure that they’re not just seen, but known for who they truly are and want to be. It’s our responsibility to understand them. To believe in them. To add value to their lives. To ensure that every child gets the tools and support they need to overcome every obstacle and achieve their greatest potential.


“Im tirtzu”. And it was no dream.

The dream to create a Jewish Day School in Cape Town came to life in 1940 and has been shaping lives by combining world-class education and Jewish values ever since. The school expanded into United Herzlia Schools, as we now know it, with the building of the Constantia and Milnerton campuses in ‘73, the incorporation of Weizmann in ‘76, the building of the Middle School in ‘82, and the incorporation of the Hebrew Pre-Primary Schools in 2000.

Five Pillars

Five Pillars. One Promise.

Our five, interwoven pillars prepare pupils for a world that needs bold and bright thinkers, dreamers, and doers, with a strong moral compass and the determination to make things better. This is how we ensure that they go out into the world as well-rounded, empowered and inspired individuals.


World-class education comes standard.


Win or lose, we’re a team like no other.

Arts & Culture

Find yourself through creative expression.

Jewish Life & Learning

Instilling Jewish values, tradition, language & culture.


Bringing meaning and purpose to life.



Policies make perfect.

United Herzlia School policies aren’t there to limit the potential of our pupils. They exist to create a solid foundation upon which they can thrive.
Download the necessary policy documents below.


לימוד אקדמי

Limmud Akademi
Our world-class academic programme sets pupils up for success in life beyond their school years, no matter what their strengths may be. We’re constantly re-evaluating and enhancing our offering to ensure that we – and our pupils – stay ahead. By layering creativity, innovative and critical collaboration, new-age skills, and real-world problem-solving on top of a solid academic foundation, our pupils get more than just a matric certificate. They get the academic tools and interpersonal skills they need to go out into the world with the ability to adapt to an ever-evolving environment.  We’re proud of:
  • Consistently being a Top 10 School in South Africa for as long as we can remember.
  • Being the top rated school in the country in 2020.
  • Outstanding Matric results.
  • Constantly enhancing our hi-tech, Project Based Learning environment.
  • Developing real-life problem solving skills.
  • Incorporating the UN’s Sustainable Goals into our curriculum.
  • Excelling in Olympiads and at the Tournament of Minds problem solving competitions.
  • Supporting pupils through our inclusive programme, which helps those who aren’t academically inclined to thrive and get their Matric.
How it comes to life:
  • CAPS Curriculum with the National Senior Certificate Examination (NSC Matric).
  • Additional subjects via IEB, such as Further Studies Maths, Further Studies English and Hebrew.
  • 21st Century skills, such as ESTEAM, Digital Literacy and Coding in our hi-tech Innovation Centres, Makerspaces, and Robotics and Computer Labs.
  • Singapore Mathematics for all grades.
  • The SEED – Supporting Educational & Emotional Development – Department helps each pupil achieve success through social, emotional and academic support.
  • Integrated Projects Based Learning focuses on real life problem-solving, collaboration and the UN’s Sustainable Goals.
  • Extensive advice around local and international tertiary study options and support through the application process.



Not every child is going to be the next Serena Williams or Michael Phelps. That’s why, at Herzlia, victory isn’t about who wins the league, it’s about pupils getting involved and enhancing their physical and mental wellbeing. We encourage pupils to engage in healthy activities that promote a balanced lifestyle; whether a team sport or a more individual activity, such as an early morning trail run, followed by sunrise Tefillah. Our diverse offering gives pupils opportunities to learn valuable educational, personal, team and life skills in a way that truly resonates.

We’re proud of:
  • Superb in-house and outsourced coaches, including our nationally acclaimed water polo coaches who’ll continue our development as a provincial powerhouse in our flagship sport. 
  • High-end facilities that are continually developed and upgraded.
  • A world-class Esport centre for participation in international Esport leagues.
  • Partnerships with expert providers like Playball and Aquasharks Swimming.
  • Upskilling teachers to be effective and successful sports coaches.
  • Sport Tours to Gqeberha and Grahamstown.
  • Our strong presence at the Israel Maccabi Games.
  • Our newly appointed Head of Aquatics will take swimming and water polo to the next level.
How it comes to life:
  • Our offering includes water polo, surfing, mountain biking, swimming, soccer, futsol, tennis, netball, basketball, trail running, cycling, hockey, cricket, golf, table tennis, chess and Esport.
  • Onsite facilities include the Aquatic Centre, pool, multi-purpose sports hall with fully equipped gym, multi-purpose school halls, mini astroturf courts, and a golf driving and putting range.
  • Our world-class Esport centre has 12 high specced gaming computers where pupils compete in international leagues and develop team and collaborative skills, strategy and discipline.
  • Our most enviable facility is our position at the foot of Devils Peak with trails (and a view of Table Mountain and Lions Head) that few schools in the world could call their own.
  • Other outdoor facilities include soccer and cricket at Van Riebeeck Park, mountain biking and trailing running on Table Mountain, tennis at our Sarah Bloch facility, surfing at Muizenberg and Milnerton beach, and golf at King David-Mowbray course.
  • We offer surfing, mountain biking and trail running and have annual family surf days.
  • School galas and athletics days get everyone involved and engaged.
  • We embrace diversity through an InterFaith Sports Day with schools from different backgrounds.
  • Sport Tours to Gqeberha and Grahamstown as well as a strong presence in the Israel Maccabi Games.

Arts & Culture

אמנות ותרבות

Omanut Vetarbut
A meaningful creative outlet is more than just about having fun. It fulfils an important developmental need for wellness and balance, has been linked with enhanced cognitive function and brain development and is used as a tool to help cope with stress and anxiety. Creative expression allows pupils to articulate their feelings and thoughts, improves their mood, boosts their self-esteem, helps them think critically about the world, allows them to try out new ideas, develop their imaginations and problem-solving skills.

We’re proud of:
  • Our professionally equipped Music House with recital areas, our modern recording studio, band, drum and piano rooms and music classrooms.
  • Our achievements in debating, eisteddfods, musical concerts and performances – both in school and on wider stages.
  • The Arts and Culture Club, Sirius Club and many more, offer opportunities for learning and connection.
  • The well-toured and renowned Herzlia Vocal Ensemble under the directorship of Cantor Ivor Joffe.
  • Taking part in internal and external music and art exhibitions.
How it comes to life:
  • Class Music and Individual Instrumental offerings.
  • Music and Drama Productions, Feel the Beat, Eisteddfods, Arts Festival, Assemblies, School concerts and Community Events.
  • The Sirius Club provides a forum for topical themes and talks.
  • The Arts and Culture Committee broadens perspectives, opens minds, and creates a connection to both our community and the wider world.
  • The Book Club gives pupils a space to connect and engage with each other over literature and enjoy a wide variety of presentations from local and international authors. 
  • Debating coaching by national champions and debating at the highest national levels.
  • A One-Act Play Festival gives pupils the opportunity to write, audition, cast, direct and produce their own plays.
  • Training and preparation for numerous speaking and acting opportunities.

Jewish Life & Learning

חיים יהודיים

Chayim V’Limmudim Yehudi’im

There are so many uniquely beautiful facets that form our Jewish identity, each of which is explored and celebrated in the Jewish Life & Learning programme. This means that no matter where the road leads them, our pupils have a deep connection to their Jewish self and the Cape Jewish community, and are confident in where they fit within the Jewish world and wider society.  For our pupils to find meaning within religion, culture and spirituality, so that it’s a relevant and impactful part of their lives, we create memorable Jewish experiences by teaching traditions, beliefs, values and practices – and how to apply these to everyday life. This gives pupils the knowledge, skills and desire to engage with Judaism, the Jewish people, Hebrew and Israel.

We’re proud of:
  • Customs and traditions that develop a sense of pride, heritage and connection.
  • Close collaboration with Jewish Youth Groups and the Jewish community worldwide.
  • Sharing the beauty of Israel with pupils and staff on school tours.
  • Open-minded conversation on a variety of relevant topics.
  • Exploring the diversity of Jewish cultural experience.
How it comes to life:
  • A professional faculty of staff provide the formal teaching of conversational Hebrew, Jewish experiences and Jewish Studies.
  • Nurturing pupils as student-leaders and supporting them in developing their own cultural programmes and initiatives for their fellow pupils.
  • Experiencing everyday Judaism through meaningful tefillah, the basic knowledge of Jewish texts, beliefs and personalities.
  • Guest speakers and opportunities for conversation.
  • Commemorating significant events and festivals.
  • Working with Jewish Youth Groups, such as Bnei Akiva, Habonim and Netzer.
  • A variety of trips and opportunities, such as Maccabi Games in Israel, Israel Encounters, and trips to Poland.
  • Projects to connect with Israeli youth such as the Diller International Leadership Programme and Galilee Dreamers, who bring Israeli Jews and Arabs to South Africa.
  • Staff Israel experiences to understand Israel first-hand and bring their learnings back into the classroom.


דרך ארץ

Derech Eretz
Menschlichkeit is a Yiddish word referring to the qualities of ‘being a mensch’ – a moral, honourable person of good character. While Menschlichkeit is a stand-alone Pillar to highlight its importance, it also runs through and underpins everything we do. Being a mensch brings meaning and purpose and enhances every aspect of our daily lives. We believe that we can all embrace the process of character development, based on Jewish Values, as improving our inner world has a greater impact on the world around us. This is just another way in which we strive to provide a well-­rounded education where personal growth and self-development are key.

We’re proud of:
  • Being a truly values-based school.
  • Menschlichkeit permeates all aspects of our school life.
  • Student-led outreach, raising funds or volunteering for organisations such as DARG, blood drives, sandwich drives, #40DaysofKindness and more.
  • The Gemilut Chasidim Programme sees Matrics visiting Jewish organisations, such as weekly trips to Highlands House.
  • The Environmental Committee makes school a greener space and educates pupils on environmental issues.
  • United Africa Society works towards embedding ideals of social justice, equity, human rights, afro-positivity, and being an upstander – not a bystander – by engaging in the world around you and constructively intervening in times of need.
  • The Peer Mentorship Programme has seniors supporting the juniors to promote the core values of the schools, offer moments of bonding and connection, social and emotional learning, responsible decision making, and building ‘kehillah’ or congregation.

How it comes to life:
To make the concept of Menschlichkeit a reality, we constantly reinforce, nurture and develop the 10 Middot – or Qualities – which are rooted in core Jewish Values. Learning to embody and exhibit these qualities builds strength of character and enables people to compassionately understand themselves, positively relate to others, and to successfully navigate the world around them.

Respect – Kavod – כבוד
Wherever you fit in the Herzlia family, from pupil to teacher to executive to parent, and everyone in between, our relationship is built on a foundation of respect. This means that we see, accept and celebrate our uniqueness and value one another no matter our differences.

Fairness – Tzedek – צדק
To create meaningful equality, we treat all people and situations with fairness. This doesn’t mean that the outcomes are always the same, since what may uplift one, will not uplift another.

Humility – Anavah – ענווה
To make room for growth and to become the people we’re destined to be, we can’t be trapped by arrogance. Humility allows us – whether a teacher or pupil – to expand our minds as we can appreciate and learn from the strengths and talents of others.

Gratitude – Hakarat Hatov – הכרת הטוב
By instilling a sense of gratitude in our day-to-day lives, we become aware of and thankful for the good in others and in our personal lives. Negativity can be all-consuming, but practising a sense of gratitude can help us see the silver lining.

Kindness – Chesed – חסד
We believe that the entire world is built on kindness, caring about others, and giving of ourselves without expecting in return. This isn’t always a trait that comes easily, but with a little bit of practice, it uplifts not just the recipient, but the giver too!

Integrity – Yoshrah – יושרה
It takes courage to do the right thing no matter the circumstances or the consequences. At Herliza, this courage is valued more than words can say. We believe in being honest in what we say and what we do and will never compromise on our values. 

Compassion – Rachamim – רחמים
Showing understanding and sensitivity towards others is integral to everything we do. It means that we look at each person and situation with an open mind and open heart, without jumping to conclusions, in order to understand the nuances and find positive solutions.  

Responsibility – Achrayut – אחריות
We’re all accountable for our actions and are obligated not only to ourselves, but towards each other, the environment, our community, and the world around us. By looking past one’s own needs and desires, and considering the bigger picture, we will create a better world together.

Leadership – Manhigut – מנהיגות
A good leader – whether a teacher or pupil – leads not for their ego’s sake, but for the greater good of all. They enable and empower others to find and utilise their own strengths and talents, while inspiring and motivating others around them.

Community – Kehillah – קהילה
By remembering, honouring and celebrating the Jewish heritage, identity and culture that makes us who we are, we understand and appreciate our connection and towards each other and the Jewish community. 

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