Herzlia Alon Ashel Pre-Primary

A nurturing child-centred space, where experiential play sets a solid foundation.

About Herzlia Alon Ashel

Herzlia Alon Ashel Pre-Primary School.

Herzlia Alon Ashel Pre-Primary takes pride in fostering community, encouraging young children to reach their potential and connect with their Jewish South African identity, while building their knowledge, skills and values. Our passionate and compassionate team have created a nurturing child-centred space, where experiential play and one-on-one engagement forms a solid foundation for a bright future.

The Space

In the heart of Sea Point, Cape Town, Herzlia Alon Ashel Pre-Primary nurtures your child from 16 months – 6 years. Since we share a campus with Herzlia Weizmann Primary, we offer a seamless transition to Primary School. Each age group has developmentally designed indoor and outdoor spaces to challenge and enhance skills through play, including well-equipped classrooms, sandpits, bike tracks, jungle gyms, our majestic climbing ship, swimming pool, and so much more. Our beautiful edible organic vegetable garden offers a horticultural experience in planting, maintaining and harvesting vegetables, which are then used to create magnificent dishes!

The Team

To us, the schooling experience can’t just focus on formal learning, but also on creating valuable relationships between our children, their families, and the teachers who guide them. These relationships help a child feel secure, confident, and capable in their abilities, both in Pre-Primary School and into the future. We work together to ensure that each child is nurtured and that their development is facilitated through play in a carefully organised and structured learning environment, so that they can reach their maximum potential.


The formative years are a time when the brain and neurobiological development are at their fastest. What a child experiences and feels at this time can affect their physical, emotional and mental development – and ultimately, their success in life. We focus on developing the whole child – physically, cognitively, spiritually, socially and emotionally – through experiential play based learning and the engagement of the senses. Teachers ensure that each child gets the one-on-one time that they need to extend their skills and knowledge and to pick up on any additional help that’s required.

Extra Murals

We offer a wide range of fun learning opportunities to explore the world and develop interests, passions and connections. Grade R and Middle Group have Summer sessions in the pool and we have special swimming classes for our toddlers! Playball, Chess, Living Maths and Music & Movement are included in your school fees to enhance your child’s development, but the following extra murals are also available: Soccer, Gymnastics, Ballet, Play By Nature, Drama, Clay, Kindermusiek and Experi-Buddies. Many younger children nap from 12h00 – 14h00 and can join in afterwards. Aftercare is until 15h00, inclusive in school fees.

Jewish Life & Learning

Our Jewish Life & Learning experiences are sensory and engaging, so kids can develop a connection to Judaism through song, music and story-telling. The week begins with a special visit from Cantor Ivor Joffe with a musical Havdalah celebration. We’re also visited by Cheryl Lazarus, Pre-Primary Jewish Life & Learning Coordinator and Rabbi Sam Thurgood, Head of Jewish Life and Learning, who teach Torah stories and Jewish Values through exciting activities. On Fridays, we have a Shabbat celebration. This is how we instil a deep connection to our Jewish community, to self, and others, as well as a strong sense of compassion and Menschlichkeit.

Pupil Support

To enhance their all-round development and create a supportive and inclusive learning environment, we meet each child where they are and continually focus on their unique needs. At weekly team meetings, teachers share progress and suggestions, so that everyone is on the same page in offering maximum support and encouragement. We’re committed to engaging with parents as their partner in securing a bright future for their little ones. Our Specialist Learning Team offers a full range of support services through our SENCO (Specialist Educational Needs Coordinator), Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists, Speech Therapists and Counsellor. Early identification and intervention supports a child’s development, so teachers focus on small groups to extend or develop necessary skills.
Jos Horwitz Principal,
Herzlia Alon Ashel Pre-Primary

Meet Principal Jos Horwitz

Working with young children and their families is stimulating, exciting and so meaningful. Children are curious, open to learning, and enjoy building relationships. They thrive when they’re in a nurturing and loving space that makes learning fun and connecting easy. And that’s exactly what we offer every day. Herzlia has the vision and the insight to reach for the stars and make the wonder of learning happen for young children. We love preparing exciting learning moments and believe that every minute counts in developing values, skills and knowledge. We also honour the opportunity to work with families and enjoy supporting and guiding parents to set up strategies to shape responsible, kind and contributing children.

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