We aim to provide a high-standard of education, to ensure all pupils can achieve their full potential and prepare our graduates to become global citizens, who are proud of their Jewish heritage. Additionally, we limit our class sizes to 25 pupils, so that students get the attention they need and deserve.

The school is, dedicated to the comprehensive development of our young adults preparing them to become global citizens and contributing members of society.

To provide a comprehensive education to each pupil, Herzlia High School offers a plethora of opportunities, beyond the walls of the classroom, such as:

  1. The school is underpinned by a recognition of the centrality of Israel as the natural home of the Jewish people.
  2. Spiritual opportunities: the Judaica Society organizes talks and activities; we celebrate and commemorate all Jewish holy days; the JIPSY department is dedicated to organizing informal Jewish education.
  3. An award-winning and innovative vocational programme, for pupils who choose an alternative education stream, other than the conventional matric.
  4. The school’s mentoring system ensures that each pupil is part of a small group and is coached and nurtured holistically during their time at the High School.
  5. All the regular sporting codes (cricket, netball, rugby, chess, soccer, basketball, squash, golf, tennis, swimming, water polo).
  6. Alternative sporting disciplines (surfing, Pilates, cycling).
  7. Cultural activities (debating, school plays, music ensemble, vocal ensemble).
  8. A wide variety of outreach programmes (Interact, United Africa Society, Tutor Outreach Programme, Feedback, a branch of the Treatment Action Campaign, and The Environmental Association).
  9. Several clubs and societies: Film Club; Science Club; Zionist society; Music Club (AMP); Pupils’ Animal Welfare Society, Photography Club.
  10. The Student Herald, an internal publication created by and for our pupils.

However, academic achievement alone is not enough to guarantee success in life. We see it as our responsibility to help our pupils develop a keen sense of their Jewish identity, self-discipline and a sense of responsibility – to themselves as well as to their families and to the Jewish and the wider community.

There is no limit to what pupils can achieve in this safe and nurturing environment.

“Herzlia High School has an established reputation as a school of excellence and inclusion. We’re proud to cater for learners of a variety of abilities, talents and strengths. Of late, our school is pulling focus towards holistic education in our pillars and our academic reputation is well-established through these pillars: Academics, Jewish Life and Learning, Sport, Arts & Culture and Menschlichkeit. Herzlia High School’s newly established music centre is another part of our drive to improve our holistic educational offering. We ensure to create, maintain and nurture phenomenal relations between our academic staff, pupils and parents. Together, we strive to ensure that your child receives the education and development they deserve. Additionally, our network extends to prolific tertiary institutions on an international scale, opening doors to those who want it.”
Marc Falconer
Marc Falconer
Sydney Samakosky
Deputy Principal/Academic Head/Head of Guidance
Candice Bloom
Lauren Palte
Head of Grade 10/Head of Visual Art
Rabbi Sean Cannon
Beit Midrash Teacher/Head of Jewish Life and Learning UHS
Ronnie Gotkin
Head of Hebrew
Sally Bodington
Head of Grade 12/Life Sciences Teacher
Alon Cohen
Head of Mathematics/Advanced Programme Mathematics (Add Maths) Teacher
Andrea Erasmus
Head of Business Studies
Danielle Wynter
Head of Music - Middle and High School
Di dos Santos
Head of Computer Applications Technology (CAT)/Mentor
Gretl Maree
Head of Grade 11/Head of Accounting
Ignatius Herwells
Head of Tourism/Business Studies Teacher
Jacqui Meskin
Head of Drama
Kirstin Kukard
Head of History
Lance Job
Head of Physical Science
Lauren Schwartz
Head of English
Martin Skudicky
Head of JLL Informal
Melanie Slavin
Head of Life Orientation/Counsellor/Global Perspectives
Michael Vorster
Head of Afrikaans
Nicky Paulse
Head of Economics/Mentor
Paul Schooling
Head of Life Sciences/Head of Discipline
Rob Wucherpfennig
Head of I T
Tracey Ghiaroni
Head of Consumer Studies
Adrian Sonnenberger
Mathematics Teacher
Cara Pearce
Music Teacher
Carli de Wet
Afrikaans Teacher
Carol Lerena
English Teacher
Charne Enslin-Bam
Afrikaans Teacher
Cindy Thomas
Sports Teacher
Craig Nudelman
Life Orientation Teacher/Global Perspectives
Emma de Goede
Music Teacher
Erika Naumann
Music Teacher
Ibtisam Allie
Economics Teacher
Jason Helman
Music Teacher
Jodi Cannon
Beit Midrash Teacher
Jonathan Walters
Music Teacher
Jonny Sass
Joseph Cohen
Beit Midrash Teacher
Keith Coxen
Music Teacher
Leora Sacks
Mathematics Teacher
Louisa Theart
Music Teacher
Luke Fletcher
IT Teacher
Lynn Arnold
Art Teacher (MS)/Visual Art Teacher (HS)
Mardel Pretorius
Physical Science Teacher
Mark Helfrich
History Teacher
Mart-Mare Viviers
Afrikaans Teacher
Melissa Cohen
Maths Literacy Teacher
Mikhaela Kruger
Music Teacher
Rabbi Pini Hecht
Beit Midrash Teacher
Roleen van Zyl
Music Teacher
Stanley Zive
Jewish Studies Teacher
Tzachi Cohen
Head of Israel Education
Anne Russell
Academic Support
Belinda Schlebach
Academic Support
Hayley Rubin
Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (SENCO)/Head of Academic Support/Counsellor
Danielle Daitz
JLL Coordinator
Raphi Ress
Informal JLL Teacher
Celeste Lockitch
Media Centre Administrator
Hima Khan
Media Centre Technical Assisant
Marion Sanzul
Vocational Unit Facilitator
Candice Fortuine
Desmond Scholtz
Berenice Krotz
Essential staff: Manager
Bradley Jafta
Essential staff
Celino Wheeler
Essential Staff
Jeveson Krotz
Essential staff: Printing Assistant
Jonathan Mateta
Essential staff
Lwazi Kalako
Essential Staff
Mitchell Solomons
Essential staff
Mziwodumo (Professor) Hlebo
Essential staff
Nasruddin Benwell
Essential Staff
Nosiphiwo (Nossie) Mhaya
Essential staff
Robert Majo
Essential staff
Thejiwe (Thenji) Shwana
Essential staff
Yanela (Shorty) Ma-awu
Essential staff