This year Herzlia pupils from Grade 4 to Grade 11 were given the opportunity to participate in the Computer Olympiad Talent Search. In total, over 350 of our pupils participated. Most of them wrote it at school in ‘exam’ conditions. This is the first time pupils on all our campuses as well as such a wide range of age categories took part in the olympiad. This was made possible by the willingness, help, and support of Lindsay Hart and Wendy Ginsberg who introduced the olympiad to the pupils at Weizmann and Highlands Primary. To Lauran Paillard and the Maths department as well as to the Innovation Centre team. We are thrilled by the level of participation and the pupils’ achievements!

Herzlia competed against schools from around the country, many of whom have had many years of experience in doing this computer olympiad. The impressive results demonstrate that our pupils are being equipped with critical thinking and computational thinking skills that are vital in the 21st Century. We received 65 Gold, 79 Silver and 107 Bronze, which is an unbelievable achievement.

Feedback from pupils has been brilliant – one said that he was challenged to think critically when looking at information and another one said they are already looking forward to next year’s olympiad!

The journey continues and Herzlia’s senior coding pupils are now preparing for the Programming Olympiad in August and staff are also looking forward to more pupils participating in next year’s computer olympiad!

Kol Hakavod to every entrant who participated as well as to:
Michael VorsterOr KadarLuke Fletcher and the Herzlia Innovation team!

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